The Sinner and 5 other shows to watch while waiting for Hightown Season 2

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Hightown Season 2

Photo: Ben Mendelsohn and Yul Vazquez in The Outsider.. Image Courtesy Bob Mahoney/HBO

Here are five shows you should watch while waiting for Hightown Season 2.

Unfortunately for fans of Starz’s new hit series Hightown, we’re going to be waiting a while for Hightown Season 2 to debut. Thanks to the ongoing pandemic and production stalls, it’s unlikely the series is going to return to production any time soon. Hopefully, we’ll get new episodes sometime in 2021, but I’m guessing it’ll be later in the year than when Season 1 premiered.

The good news is, there are tons of other fantastic television shows out there just waiting to be binge-watched! We’ve selected five different shows with some similar themes and plotlines to Hightown, check them out when you’re missing Hightown the most!

5. Watch while waiting for Hightown Season 2: The Outsider

Based on the Stephen King novel of the same name, The Outsider is a chilling crime drama following the investigation into the grisly murder of a young boy.

At first, all signs point to a renowned cop as the culprit, but it soon becomes apparent that there are much darker forces at play, in this case, some of which could even be supernatural.

For those who are familiar with King’s other works, such as Mr. Mercedes, you’ll notice Holly Gibney has made her way over to The Outsider as a main character!

The Outsider is available to stream on HBO, HBO Max, and places where HBO is available as an add-on channel.

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