The Umbrella Academy Season 2, Episode 2 recap: The Frankel Footage


The Umbrella Academy Season 2, Episode 2 recap: The Frankel Footage

The Handler is back in The Umbrella Academy Season 2, Episode 2! Kate Walsh has returned to grace our screens.

Remember how she was shot in the head by Hazel in the first season? When the coroners get their hands on her body, they’re ready to shove her into the crematorium, but it turns out The Handler was not quite dead. Somehow she survived the gunshot wound thanks to a metal plate in her head.

“Get me to a hospital,” she rasps out. Next thing you know, she’s back on her feet in a fabulous form-fitting red outfit and strutting the halls of her old workplace as if nothing ever happened.

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Well, things get even worse for The Handler — if that’s possible — once she returns to her office. A sentient goldfish that smokes named AJ Carmichael is her boss apparently, and he informs her that she has been demoted. Despite her pleas to be given another chance, AJ informs The Handler new operatives have already been sent to deal with Five.

Instead, she will now work in a basic desk job under a new supervisor, Herb. The cherry on top of her humiliation is the discovery she’s sitting in Five’s old desk and she hurls his abandoned nametag like a javelin straight at poor Herb.

Back at the club with Luther and Five, the conversation from the premiere continues. Luther tries to explain to his brother why he has zero interest in his latest plan. For starters, he quips, Five is always saying the world is going to end soon. He suggests Five spend more time looking for Vanya and leave him out of it.

Luther has made himself the body man of renowned gangster Jack Ruby, as in the man who shot Lee Harvey Oswald. Hm, can’t imagine this is going to play out well.

Their terse meeting is eventually interrupted by Autumn, who begs Luther to take care of the half-wit disturbing Ruby. Guess who it is? Carl, Sissy’s husband, and Vanya’s employer. He’s three sheets to the wind as he peddles off his communist conspiracies to the gangster, unknowingly dropping his wallet behind him as Luther carries him off.

Before leaving, Five tears his blazer on the bar and happens to notice a Kodachrome box in his pocket while inspecting the rip. He vaguely remembers Hazel shoving it into his pocket during their brief meeting. “The Frankel Footage” is scrawled across the back in sharpie.

The Umbrella Academy Season 2, Episode 2 recap: Vanya struggles to remember Luther.

Pouring over the missing person section in the newspaper, Vanya is rattled from her stupor by a frantic Sissy searching for the car keys. She just got a call from Carl and needs to go pick him. Before she can leave, Harlan starts whining at his mother to read him a bedtime story.

Vanya offers to pick up Carl instead so Sissy can read to her son. As has become custom, Sissy is overwhelmed with gratitude for Vanya, and perhaps even a little happy no one has tried to find her yet.

“Don’t take this the wrong way, but I wish I’d almost run you over years ago.”

At The Carousel Club, Vanya loads Carl into the car as he tells her she’s lucky because she gets a fresh start, a chance to be someone else. He says everyone else is just stuck in their lives.

As they’re getting ready to leave, Vanya looks up and spots Luther, who emerges from the club holding Carl’s forgotten wallet. The two make eye contact, but Vanya doesn’t recognize him, her amnesia from the car crash is real it appears.

Sun-soaked and beatific, Vanya’s new life seems so dreamy and picturesque compared to the lives her siblings are living. Sadly, her new life is threatened when Luther shows up with a gun. All he can think when he sees her is when he locked her in the panic room when she killed Pogo and became the White Violin.

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While Vanya plays hide-and-seek with Harlan in the barn, Luther confronts her and tries to apologize for the way he treated her, for not helping her. She doesn’t recognize him or know what he’s referring to. It’s a little unclear as to why he brought the gun, if all he wanted to do was make amends. His fingers itch toward the pistol a few times where it’s tucked into his waistband.

The scene ends with Sissy showing up, rifle cocked and aimed at Luther. She wants him to explain his business or get out. He returns Carl’s wallet and leaves.

During one of their late-night chats, Vanya expresses her sadness at not being able to remember anything about who she used to be. Sissy offers to look at her hands, see what she notices. Calluses are apparent across Vanya’s fingertips.

You can’t tell me Sissy isn’t flirting with Vanya on some level. It’s another thing Vulture picked up on, and as that reviewer mentioned — let’s hope this doesn’t become like Leonard Peabody all over again.

That night, Vanya has a disturbing dream, she sees a glimpse of Luther being affected by her powers and hears an intense violin instrumental. Upon waking up, she sneaks out and takes off in the car as Sissy watches from the doorway.

The Umbrella Academy Season 2, Episode 2 recap: Allison and Klaus come close to crossing paths.

The Scandanavians are on the hunt for their next Umbrella Academy member: Allison. They have a photograph of her at her new home and go to scope out in their little dairy truck. Before they can raise a gun, the cops beat them to it and barge into the Chestnut home to arrest Raymond for assaulting the racist guy from Odessa’s.

Allison tries to get them to arrest her instead since she was the one who actually assaulted him — and only after he threatened them. The cops, of course, don’t care. So then she tries to use her powers but for some reason, chooses not to? They beat and arrest Raymond. The Scandanavians watch from their truck, one of them takes a sip out of a milk bottle, but whatever he’s drinking definitely is not milk.

Attempting to visit her husband at the precinct, Allison has no clue how close she is to her brother Klaus, who is booked in the cell adjacent to Raymond’s.

The two even have a brief conversation. We learn Raymond used to be a teacher at Spelman College, where he taught Shakespeare, something he and Klaus bond over until he’s released from the jail cell. Apparently, someone put in a call to the governor to get him out.

Also, interestingly, Klaus has some fans out in Dallas. A squirrely guy is arrested for passing out flyers and fawns all over him, surprisingly, Klaus isn’t impressed by the attention. I had to wonder if he was being mistaken for someone else. The guy said he saw Klaus speak at a convention in Berkely in ’61.

Allison does finally get a chance to meet with Raymond. They’re forced to connect through the cell bars, but it’s better than nothing. She promises to get him out before the sit-in, blaming herself for his arrest. Raymond assures her it wasn’t her fault. Before they say their goodbyes, he asks her why she said “I heard a rumor” the night before. Allison says they’ll discuss it later.

On her way out, the Klaus superfan waves at her. She sees he has the oddly familiar “hello” and “goodbye” written on his palms as a way of recognizing the great prophet!

“Does this prophet have a name?” she asks him.

Speaking of Klaus, he heads to a foreclosed mansion and breaks in to get some rest. Everything inside is covered in sheets, including a giant painting of Klaus with the greetings on his palms. Ben gives him some grief about not using the spare key and the painting itself.

“What’s wrong, don’t like what you see?”

The Umbrella Academy Season 2, Episode 2 recap: The Swedes get a new assignment.

The Scandanavians check into a cat lady’s house. She offers the guest room but says there is only room for one. In one of the oddest scenes of the episode, the three men stand around the woman’s home, one in an apron and his underwear cooking, the other two throwing knives at each other because apparently they don’t feel any pain.

A message to “The Swedes” arrives in a chute from the Commission. Their next assignment is Vanya. It’s confirmation that The Swedes are the new agents assigned to deal with the Umbrella Academy after The Handler’s failure. As for the cat lady, well her head is in the freezer.

The Umbrella Academy Season 2, Episode 2 recap: Diego and Five try to track down their father.

Still on the run from both the cops and the crazy gun-wielding Scandanavian dudes, Diego and Lila take refuge in a snug back alleyway between a few apartment buildings. Diego grabs some spare clothes from a random washing line so they’re not such easy targets running through the streets.

He’s ready for the two of them to part ways. Lila argues they make a good team and she’s saved his a** a few times already. Before Diego can fire back a retort, a cop car passes by, motivating them to get a move on. For Lila, that means hotwiring a car.

At Morty’s, Five brings the Frankel Footage to Elliot and asks him to develop it since he has a hallway closet/darkroom, it’s where he developed the photographs he’s taken of the Hargreeves over the years.

Their conversation is interrupted by a radio broadcast about the sanitorium breakout, 25 patients are still at large. Obviously, Five senses right away it’s Diego.

“Who’s Diego?” Elliott asks.

“Think Batman then aim lower,” says Five.

Pulled over on the side of the road, Diego tells Lila his “genius” plan to deal with Lee Harvey Oswald. He intends to cut off his trigger finger and make him leave Texas so he can’t kill Kennedy. (As Vulture pointed out, can’t help but be reminded of Stephen King’s 11/22/63 throughout all of this). As Lila points out, what if he’s ambidextrous? She doesn’t get why Diego wouldn’t just kill the guy if he’s supposed to be assassinating the president.

Diego thinks it’s wrong to kill a man who hasn’t yet committed a crime and she calls out his hero complex. The two bicker until Five pops up in the backseat. He wants Diego to go with him or he threatens to summon a nearby cop. He also wants his brother to ditch Lila.

Ultimately, Diego knows Five isn’t bluffing considering what he pulled at the sanitorium and promises to go with him, but Lila is coming, too.

The trio return to Morty’s to check on the footage and Elliott comes out guns blazing. He’s seen it and he thinks Five is an “enemy of the people.”

Five and Diego easily disarm the man and strap him down while they play the old footage. Also, this scene cemented my love of Lila who was totally unphased by Five’s time-jumping powers and content to paint Elliott’s toenails while he was kept captive.

In The Frankel Footage, we see an elderly couple filming what will soon be a speech from Kennedy, but the speech is from six days in the future, the day we know JFK gets assassinated. Gunshots go off and the cameraman drops the camera, catching a glimpse of a mysterious figure in the distance holding a black umbrella.

Both Five and Diego immediately recognize him.

“Dad,” they whisper in unison.

The first order of business is to find their father, especially now that they know he could be a signalman to a presidential assassination. Surprisingly, their phonebook search bears fruit and they find the address of his business.

Before leaving, Diego finds Lila tucked away inside the darkroom. She’s struggling to understand what she saw in the video because it makes her feel crazy as if she’s seeing things that aren’t real. She wonders if she should have stayed at the sanitorium.

Diego gives her a little pep talk and the two share a sweet moment before he tells her he needs to leave her with Elliott for a while to tend to a “family thing.”

The “family thing” gets crazy fast. Diego and Five pull up to D.S. Umbrella and Five surmises the interior is a front for something else. The Hargreeve siblings split up and Five stumbles upon strange interiors set up like a traditional nuclear family living room of the ’60s with the mushroom cloud explosion painted on a landscape.

It’s like one of those places that maybe tests out underground bunkers. In one room, he finds a young Pogo, who attacks him within seconds and then jumps out the window to catch up with his master.

Diego runs straight into his father and the two get into a well-choreographed fight scene that ends with Reginald Hargreeves stabbing his own son in the gut. As Diego falls to his knees, Reginald walks away and claps his hands, summoning Pogo to his side as they saunter into the darkness and out of sight.

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The Umbrella Academy Season 2 is now streaming on Netflix.