The Umbrella Academy Season 2, Episode 4 recap: The Majestic 12


The Umbrella Academy Season 2, Episode 4 recap: The Majestic 12

As I suspected after learning the truth about the connection between The Handler and Lila, the Commission agent was responsible for the death of Lila’s biological parents. We learn this in the opening of The Umbrella Academy Season 2, Episode 4, which takes us back to London, 1993.

After killing the adults, The Handler discovers Lila hidden away in a secret wall panel. She takes her under her wing and trains her into becoming a highly-skilled agent for the Commission.

Back in the present, well ’60s Dallas, Lila and The Handler discuss her next assignment over a pancake breakfast at the hotel.

The Handler wants Lila to protect Number Five, no matter the cost. Lila doesn’t understand this, and neither do I, as Five is responsible for everything bad that happened to The Handler, including her demotion. I’m guessing there is more at play here than we know yet.

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Their conversation also reveals that The Handler assigned The Swedes to take out members of the Umbrella Academy. She doesn’t appear to care about the rest of them, even suggesting Lila murder Diego if she wants to, all that matters to her is keeping Five alive.

Cut to Luther waking up in bed in his solitary room, surprised to find Vanya visiting him.

While her memories are still not recovered, she does tell Luther everything she now knows and finally gets confirmation on her suspicion that she was part of what ultimately caused the apocalypse.

Jack Ruby then bursts into the room, interrupting their sibling moment to accuse Luther of losing him tons of money in the flubbed fight from the night before. He cuts Luther out completely, leaving him with next to nothing. Even worse, Luther later loses his room since he’s landed on Jack’s sh*t-list and the owner, Pete, wants nothing to do with him anymore.

Luther’s outburst in the room in which he busts a hole in the brick wall leads to Vanya taking off, telling Five she’s trying to start a new life on the farm with Sissy and Harlan.

At the farm, Sissy is delighted to see Vanya again, and the two catch up over breakfast. It isn’t entirely clear what Vanya tells Sissy, but enough that she knows people are trying to kill her. She says she can’t stay at the farm as she doesn’t want to risk something happening to Sissy or Harlan.

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Bad timing, as Harlan emerges just as Vanya talks about leaving and freaks out. He takes off running outside the farm, all the way through the woods, stumbling into a lake where one of his toys is floating across the top. Desperate to find him, Vanya channels her powers to part the water, find Harlan, and carries him to shore.

Administering CPR for a few minutes doesn’t work, until suddenly Vanya issues some kind of magical orb into Harlan. No idea what that means, but I’m sure we’ll find out sooner or later. For now, it works and Harlan starts breathing again. Sissy arrives seconds later. She collapses in the sand, holding her son and thanking Vanya for rescuing him.

The Umbrella Academy Season 2

All three return the farm and Harlan gets tucked safe and sound into bed while Vanya and Sissy rehash what happened and what Vanya should do next. Sissy is heartbroken at the idea of Vanya leaving her, especially as she’s so unhappy at home and with Carl. Suddenly she kisses Vanya and Vanya kisses her back. Awe.

Back at Morty’s, Diego and Five are trying to plan their next move. Five managed to swipe an invitation from Reginald’s desk to a party being thrown by a man named Hoyt Hillenkoetter. At this point, Elliott’s intense conspiracy theory knowledge comes in handy. He recognizes the name straightaway and tells them about a secret shadow government group called the Majestic 12. Hoyt is supposed to be part of it.

He even has a photograph of the members, but Diego and Five quickly notice there are only 11 men in the picture. They conclude that their father is probably the mysterious twelfth man. Sneaking into the party is obviously their next plan.

The Umbrella Academy Season 2

Next, we return to Allison who is distraught about not being able to find Raymond after the devastating scene at Stadtler’s the night before. She traipses across town to Odessa’s, perhaps hoping to ask one of her co-workers or friends if they’ve seen her husband anywhere. What she finds is a punch to the gut. Everyone has gathered there without her, including Ray.

He escorts her outside to talk and instantly starts throwing accusations at her. Who is she really? What did she say to the cop to make him stop? Ray is starting to suspect his wife is a spy of some sort, perhaps sent in to keep tabs on Civil Rights groups. Allison begs him to let her explain but when he gives her the chance, she’s speechless.

I thought she would maybe demonstrate her ability, but I don’t know if that would be better or worse. Unfortunately, Ray walks away from her since she can’t explain herself to his satisfaction.

Wandering aimlessly through town, Allison happens to stumble upon a homestyle BBQ joint with an apathetic Luther chowing down on wings at an outdoor picnic table. The two siblings finally reunite, embracing each other. Allison breaks the ice by pointing out Luther looks like a “mess.”

He also catches her up to date on Five and Vanya while Allison fills him in on Klaus and Diego. Finding out Klaus became an accidental cult leader does not shock Luther in the least.

Luther then drops the biggest shock on Allison, that they have to deal with yet another apocalypse in seven days.

I thought Refinery 29‘s joke about Luther saying, “No one gets to tell us how to deal with the end of the world,” to which they said was a great quote and could be shared online with the caption: “Me coping with the pandemic,” was hilarious — and quite fitting.

We all feel that way right now Luther!

While Allison is out looking for Ray and meeting with Luther, Klaus returns to town to find Dave for a, particularly emotional meeting. Sometimes it feels like Klaus is intentionally putting himself through the wringer.

He tracks Dave down to a diner where he’s having lunch with his Uncle Brian. When Brian excuses himself to go to the restroom, Klaus slides into his seat and almost immediately segues past their brief hardware encounter into detailing personal things about Dave’s life he couldn’t possibly know.

Klaus is obviously well-aware of Dave’s plan to enlist and his reasons for wanting to. Attempting to convince him not to do it doesn’t go well, especially when Brian returns to the table and starts making snide, homophobic remarks at Klaus. He even goads Dave into throwing a punch, sending Klaus tumbling toward the counter.

Heartbroken, he stumbles out into the bright sun and into the nearest liquor store, with a worried Ben following behind. Laden with booze after three years of sobriety, Klaus wants nothing more than to get back to his manor and drink himself into oblivion.

The Umbrella Academy Season 2

But he can’t because his crazy cult following has somehow tracked him down and they ambush their “prophet” the second he arrives. Taking off once again, Klaus returns to Allison and takes refuge on her couch once again.

As for Diego, Lila, and Five, the three prepare to go inside the Mexican Consulate where the Majestic 12 party is being held. Before heading inside, Five takes a moment to tell Lila he doesn’t trust her one bit, even if his brother does.

Inside, Diego and Lila get to have a little fun by slow-dancing to the mariachi music and ugh, these two are totally going to break my heart, aren’t they? Their dance comes to an abrupt end, however, when Diego notices his mother across the room.

The Umbrella Academy Season 2

He can’t resist approaching her, even calling her mom, which obviously baffles the Grace of the 1960s. Now, we know this woman is not the “mom” we met in Season 1, since that “mother” was actually a robot created by Reginald, but it seems like this woman could be her progenitor or the one Reginald based his robots off of. Or is she a robot too? She tells Diego that she arrived at the party as Reginald’s date but he went for a meeting and left her downstairs.

A few steps ahead as always, Five is already in the secret Majestic 12 meeting, stashed away inside of a closet. He listens to the men discussing the upcoming Kennedy motorcade before he accidentally makes a noise that draws the attention of the group.

Reginald takes a fire poker and starts stabbing it through the closet slots. Five barely manages to escape, but in the process, he lands right in front of one of the Swedes who are at the party to kill Diego.

The Umbrella Academy Season 2

Speaking of Diego, he arrives upstairs just in time to see Five brawling with one of the assassins and then gets into a fight with two of them at once. He’s restrained with a belt by one as Five also starts getting his butt handed to him. When Lila shows up, Diego actively pleads with her to help him.

She looks between the two brothers, struggling to decide whether she should follow her heart or her instructions, and ultimately decides to do what The Handler said —  protect Five. Lila jumps into the fray and helps him out, then takes off, leaving Diego to fend for himself, which I found surprising. Luckily, he manages to regain his footing and defeats the Swedes. I have a feeling Diego isn’t going to be happy with her later.

Outside, Five sprints toward his father as he gets into a car with Grace. Before he disappears from view, Five shouts something at Reginald in Ancient Greek. He definitely understands him, but ignores him and tells Grace that Five is “no one important.”

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Odds & Ends from The Umbrella Academy Season 2, Episode 4

  • Klaus’s attempting to retell the famous “Frog and the Scorpion” fable is hilarious. “Frogs are b*tches and we do not negotiate with terrorists.”
  • While I do think this season is much better paced and more enjoyable to watch than Season 1, we’re four episodes in now and hardly anything has been done about this impending apocalypse!
  • I love that Lila took her heels off before she started beating on the Swedes.

The Umbrella Academy Season 2 is now available to stream on Netflix.