Ursula and 5 Disney villains who deserve their own prequel series

The Little Mermaid - Courtesy of Disney via Image.net
The Little Mermaid - Courtesy of Disney via Image.net /
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4. Disney villains: Scar from The Lion King

Again, I think I would only want a series about Scar if it was animated, perhaps all of the shows on this list should be animated, for that matter. But I wasn’t a fan of the 2019 version of Lion King and it’s weird National Geographic documentary-esque animals.

Scar had so much personality and sass in the original film, it’s what cemented his status as one of the most popular villains in Disney canon. It’d be interesting to see the life Scar and Mustafa led before Simba ever came along. Also, how did he wind up getting a bunch of rambunctious hyena to be his henchmen?

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3. Disney villains: Hades from Hercules

Hades is another Disney villain who became incredibly popular thanks to his attitude and hilarious demeanor. He might be the ruler of the Underworld and intent on killing Hercules, but he has a rich background in mythology that people love.

It helps that his Disney characterization is utterly charming. There are a lot of directions Disney could go with a Hades-centric series, a prequel, learning more about his time in the Underworld, or something totally different more in line with the ancient Greek stories.

Regardless, I don’t think people would be upset about a new Hades story — that would definitely need to be animated because remember how bad Hades looked in Once Upon a Time? People don’t forget.