The Umbrella Academy Season 2, Episode 6 recap: A Light Supper


The Umbrella Academy Season 2, Episode 6 recap: A Light Supper

It’s time to find out how Allison got from lost in a back alley to married and running civil rights protests! The Umbrella Academy Season 2, Episode 6 takes us back to the moment she walked into a segregated diner and then tried to find her way to safety in the dark Dallas streets.

Moments after exiting the diner, Allison ran headlong into trouble with a gang of white men who try to rough her up. She throws a punch and then sprints off into the night them giving chase. A few streets over, Allison spots Odessa’s and takes refuge inside. The women working scare the boys off and take care of her. It’s also worth noting Allison was still unable to speak at this point.

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A few months pass by, and she settles into a job sweeping up clippings and doing other maintenance tasks around the shop. One day, Raymond arrives to hand out flyers and discuss details of their organization and the importance of non-violence. Allison takes a flyer.

Come Christmas time, Allison’s voice has slowly returned to her and she accepts an invitation from Ray to join him for dinner to discuss the organization and some ideas she’s scribbled down on his flyers and pamphlets.

Returning to where we left off in the last episode, Five finally relinquishes his foot off of Lila’s neck and enters negotiations with The Handler. She wants him to kill the Commission’s Board of Directors in exchange for returning him and his siblings to 2019 sans both apocalypses.

The only problem is the board meets in a different place in the timeline every time, but The Handler knows where. Still, Five is not quite ready to make a deal with her just yet.

At Morty’s, Luther thinks the “light supper” plans with their dad are a set-up. Diego thinks that could be true, but they need to go anyway and Vanya is interested in meeting him since she doesn’t remember anything.

Turning them all against each other, that’s what Luther theorizes will happen. Diego’s plan to negate that possibility is having the siblings go in as a united front, no more numbers, just “Team Zero.”

The Umbrella Academy Season 2

Elsewhere, Klaus attempts to end his cult for good with a little guidance from Ben. Since he doesn’t want the entire thing to blow up in his face and become like Jonestown, Klaus does his best to get his gathering to understand he’s a fraud who has been making things up and stealing song lyrics to use as “scripture” since the beginning.

His plan backfires. Everything he says gets twisted by the cult into a positive. At the end of the day, people will always believe what they want to believe and nothing can convince them otherwise once they’ve reached the point of utter devotion.

At the Chestnut home, Allison has just finished telling Raymond the truth about, well, everything. Beyond his fascination with the fact we once had a Black president in office, he wants his wife to prove to him everything she said is real, he asks her to prove it by showing her powers.

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She takes Ray out for a day of shopping at the white-owned stores, telling the managers to let Ray try on anything he wants. He’s amazed by her abilities and wonders why she doesn’t use them all the time.

Then, Allison spots Stadtler’s and enters to get a little revenge on the racist manager. She forces him to serve them while keeping his mouth shut, demanding he pours her a cup of piping hot black coffee until it spills over the brim and burns his hand. Despite Ray asking her to stop, she keeps going until he finally snaps her out of the trance. That seems like an answer to his question of why she limits the usage of her ability.

They return to their home in silence, with Ray clearly pondering something. He can’t help but ask Allison if she’s ever used her power on him. She says no, but if she had, would he even know? Then they notice the invitation from Reginald on the ground.

The Umbrella Academy Season 2

During a game of bingo at a random retirement home, Lila questions The Handler’s plan to use Five as the assassin to kill the board. Lila would love that assignment, but The Handler says they both need deniability as part of the coup. Five will function as a scapegoat.

“What about Diego?” Lila inquires.

It immediately cues The Handler in that she’s gone soft for her mark, at least some of the feelings we’ve seen her have for Diego are genuine. When her mom asks if she’d kill him if she asked, she hesitates to answer.

Cut to the mansion where Klaus and Ben are having yet another argument. It turns ugly when Klaus accuses Ben of sounding just like their father. Ben charges at him and somehow goes through him as if he was briefly possessing him for a moment.

The two are interrupted by the arrival of Dave and Jill. Dave has been thinking about everything Klaus said to him when the two met before. He found a pamphlet with Klaus’s face on it and knew how to find him.

Through their conversation, Klaus manages to somewhat convince Dave of his truth, knowing everything that will come to pass between them, especially when he hands over the dog tags he’s been wearing around his neck for years.

But then Dave drops a bomb. His uncle forced him to enlist the day after they met in the diner and he’ll ship out next week. It’s a change of course from his previous path. Klaus is devastated to learn this, as it means he has caused a butterfly effect, fundamentally altering the future and potentially erasing the relationship he and Dave have from the future timeline.

Keechie confronts Klaus as Dave leaves, handing him the dinner invitation as he struggles to hold himself together.

If you thought The Handler would let Lila and Diego skip off into the sunset, well, that’s not the type of woman she is, unfortunately. She visits the Swedes, now one short, and offers them a deal — she’ll give them the location of Diego, who they think killed their brother, so they can take him out for good. She wants the dalliance with her daughter to end, they just need to leave Five alone.

The Umbrella Academy Season 2

Well, at the “light supper” nothing exactly goes well for the Hargreeves. They show up at a prestigious-looking hotel called Southland Life, take an awkward elevator ride up to a tiki lounge on one of the upper floors, and immediately get into a debate about how to handle their father. Before they come close to a decision, Reginald shows up and demands answers and proof of these supposed superpowers.

Diego then confronts him with the photo taken two days later on the grassy knoll where JFK will be shot. He verbally eviscerates his son, cutting him down until he’s in tears. Then he asks why they don’t all just “team-up” to stop whatever doomsday is going to happen.

Ben tries to possess Klaus to do…something? Then, Luther makes a final plea to make Reginald pay attention to them by ripping open his shirt and saying, “Look what you’ve done to me!” But it goes nowhere and Reginald leaves, though he does ask Five for a private moment.

Alone, Reginald feels more inclined to chat with Five, as he dubs him the wisest of the bunch. Five says that’s because he’s the oldest, older even than his father in their current point in time. He asks Reginald for his advice on time travel and he recommends Five try to start smaller, stop skipping decades, and maneuver through seconds instead. A lot can happen in a few seconds.

Dejected and pissed at each other, the Hargreeves leave without knowing where to go next, Diego, especially, is upset that none of his siblings had his back.

The Umbrella Academy Season 2, Episode 6 recap: The final moments of the episode.

Outside of the hotel, Diego notices Grace waiting in a car for their father to return. He hands her the photograph of Reginald on the grassy knoll and tells her of his plans to assassinate the president. She doesn’t believe him, so he tells her to ask him herself.

Sissy also arrives to see Vanya, asking if they go somewhere private together. She found out where she was after the invitation was mailed to the farm.

Secluded in the station wagon, Sissy tells Vanya that the world they live in doesn’t abide by “women like them,” and that not everyone gets to live the life they want but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want it.

But Vanya convinces her that they can go somewhere different, that she can keep Sissy and Harlan safe, she just needs Sissy to trust her and she does. All shes asks for is a little time. The two start to make out and the camera pans out — Carl followed Sissy and watches the two of them from afar while smoking a cigarette.

In search of Diego, the Swedes find Elliott alone at Morty’s and he does not fare well under their torturous attacks. They start punching him while demanding he gives up Diego’s location. I’m not sure if Elliott knew where the group was or if he truly is loyal to them, but either way, I feel bad for him considering he got forcibly thrown into this mess and now has been beaten to a bloody pulp and had his teeth yanked out.

When Luther and Diego return to Morty’s, they find blood everywhere and Elliott’s dead body waiting for them. The Swedes leave a bloody message on the ground floor for them, it says “eye for an eye.”

In the final moments, Five arrives at Room 217 to meet with The Handler. He agrees to take her deal and she hands him a piece of paper that details a meeting a Wisconsin Inn in 1982.

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