The Umbrella Academy Season 2, Episode 7 recap: Öga för Öga


The Umbrella Academy Season 2, Episode 7 recap: Öga för Öga

In 1982 at the Old Lodger Inn in Wisconsin, Five arrives ready to kill the board of directors and hold up his end of the deal with The Handler. In The Umbrella Academy Season 2, Episode 7, he manages to do just that — wiping them all out with a fire ax, including AJ Carmichael.

Cut to the start of the episode, Ben is pleading with Klaus to let some body-snatching happen so he can talk to Jill. Klaus is not thrilled with the possibility but ultimately gives in to his brother, if they set some ground rules first.

At the farm, things are super awkward between Sissy, Vanya, and Carl. Carl is deliberately antagonizing toward the women, shutting the radio off the second Sissy turns it on, demanding Vanya drive with him after Sissy asks her to go to Harlan’s doctor appointment, etc. The tension is thick, now that Carl knows the truth about their relationship.

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In South Dallas, Raymond excitedly tells Allison that Miles got a call from Robert Kennedy, who wants to sit down with them to strategize. Their protest got some attention. I wonder if that means Allison neglected to tell her husband about JFK’s impending death?

Back with Five, he meets up with The Handler who drops a little twist on their deal. She gives him a briefcase that will supposedly get him and his siblings back to 2019, but only if he can get them all together within 90 minutes, which is not going to be an easy task.

As for the aftermath of Elliott’s death, Diego and Luther have no idea what “Öga för Öga,” means. Diego hilariously reads it as “Oga Foroga,” which sounds right to Luther and he tries to look her up. Lord, somebody please help them.

Before Luther and Diego can cause serious injury to a random old woman named Foroga Olga, Five arrives and tells them “Öga för Öga” means “an eye for an eye” in Swedish. The Swedes killed Elliott, not Olga.

“We would have gotten there,” Luther scoffs.

The Umbrella Academy Season 2

At the Commission, The Handler officially announces the death of all 12 board members and says she’ll be assuming complete control and closing the briefcase room while an investigation is conducted to find the culprits responsible for the board’s demise.

Five gives Luther and Diego careful instructions to retrieve their siblings within 77 minutes, synchronized watches, and all. Diego isn’t so sure he wants to just up and bail though, as he wants to say goodbye to Lila and wonders if they should really skip out on Reginald and the JFK thing. Five tells him Lila never cared about him in the first place and he needs to let her go or he’ll kill him for screwing this whole thing up.

Meanwhile, Klaus gives Ben full permission to possess him and Ben has a field day running around outside, rolling in the dirt, and hanging out with Jill, who decides to lay down in the dirt and make angels right alongside him.

Back with Carl and Vanya, they arrive at his friend Jim’s farm. He starts yammering on about cows having hoof-and-mouth disease, creating a gross metaphor for Vanya’s sexuality. He threatens to ship Harlan off to a facility if she doesn’t get lost for good.

Luther arrives at Allison and tells her about Five’s gameplan. She gets emotional at the prospect of leaving Raymond behind, but also maybe seeing Claire again. Yet part of her is also concerned Five could be wrong and she could lose everyone. She starts crying just as Raymond walks in and wonders what’s going on.

Ben and Jill start to get hot and heavy in the dirt as we learn that she actually has had sex with Klaus before, along with Keechie in a sex swing? That said, I really wish writers would stop doing the whole body-swap romance thing it’s a lack of consent that’s disturbingly played for laughs, as Jill doesn’t know who Ben is.

Regardless, Diego shows up and interrupts the entire thing, “Hey, Daddy, you got a second?” Might be one of my favorite lines of the season.

The Umbrella Academy Season 2

The Handler starts settling into her new digs at the Commission, gloating over AJ Carmichael who she’s keeping in a fishbowl on her desk (why not just kill him?) Lila isn’t as happy, still thinking of Diego, I’m sure. Her mother rewards her hard work with a promotion, however, she will be the new Head of Security.

Lila accepts it, on the condition she can do things her own way and pick her own team.

As for Diego and Klaus, well Ben reveals he’s possessing his brother for a moment and the two share a sweet reunion hug. But before returning to 2019, Ben asks for a few minutes so he can sort out Destiny’s Children (the cult) and not just abandon them. Diego says he needs to do something, too, so as long as Ben/Klaus can meet him behind Elliott’s in 30 minutes, they’re good.

Five drives up to get Vanya just as she turns the corner to Sissy’s farm. He tells her they need to leave but Vanya doesn’t want to go without bringing Sissy and Harlan along, she thinks they’re insignificant in the grand scheme and coming to 2019 won’t screw up the timeline.

Five says they can’t risk it. The two almost come to blows in a superpowered brawl but Vanya finally relents and says she’ll come after she says goodbye first.

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It turns out, the “thing” Diego needed to do was bury Elliott, which is pretty noble of him, honestly. But before he can finish, Lila shows up and pulls out a flask. She says everything that happened between them was mostly genuine and her lies were only to protect him. She takes a drink for Elliott and gives Diego the flask to take a sip, too. It was laced with something and he passes out.

Allison and Raymond say their goodbyes to one another, and it’s completely heartbreaking. Especially when Allison asks him to come with her and says the movement still isn’t done, not even in 2019.

Ray says he can’t, his part of the fight is in Dallas because what they’re doing will make an impact down the line. He tells her he’s still the luckiest man he knows because one year with her is worth more than a lifetime with anyone else. Ugh, my poor heart.

Before either of them can say much else, the Swedes show up at the door and punch Allison in the throat, essentially disabling her power.

Sissy arrives home to the farm with Harlan and Vanya tells her they need to leave immediately. Heading toward the car, Sissy remembers the coffee can filled with cash and doubles back to get it.

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Ben tries to leave the cult behind and gives Keechie a few final words of wisdom, which happen to be Backstreet Boys and triggers one of the best musical moments of the show.

As the song plays, Klaus reaches the alley where Five and Luther are waiting. After battling for control of his body with Ben, he manages to projectile vomit him out. Allison regains her voice and after blinding one of the brothers, rumors the other into killing him.

The Umbrella Academy Season 2

Diego finally wakes up in The Handler’s office where Lila introduces him as her boyfriend, to her mother. In the alleyway, Five is extremely frustrated as their time ticks away and none of their siblings show up, resulting in the briefcase being tossed into the portal without any of the Hargreeves attached.

Worst of all, Sissy left a note behind when she went to get the coffee can and Carl called the cops. The police pull up at an intersection, including Sissy’s brother-in-law Jerry, blocking Vanya and Sissy from leaving. Vanya uses her powers to get the cops out of the way but is distracted when Sissy calls out for her and gets knocked out by the end of Jerry’s shotgun.

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