Netflix’s V-Wars Season 1, Episode 8 recap: Red Rain

Photo: V Wars Season 1 - Image Courtesy Netflix
Photo: V Wars Season 1 - Image Courtesy Netflix /

Episode 8 of Netflix’s V Wars has Fayne as a vamp leader.

Episode 8 of V Wars starts with the FBI’s Jimmy Saint (Michael Greyeyes) calling Senator Sasha Giroux (Laura de Carteret) about the safety of Dr. Luther Swann (Ian Somerhalder) and his son, Dez (Kyle Breitkopf). Meanwhile, Michael Fayne (Adrian Holmes), the leader of the vampiric Bloods, stumbles upon the distressed and kidnapped journalist, Kaylee Vo (Jacky Lai). Rather than become a fast vamp snack, Kaylee convinces them that they can help each other by telling his story.

Kaylee notes that the DNS killed Jergen (Teddy Moynihan), who she refers to as someone she loved. So, with her help, Fang begins orchestrating a plan to expose the DNS internment camp for suspected Bloods. Meanwhile, at that very same compound, Swann actually finds Dez, saving from a vampire known in the credits as “Brutal Man” (Rob Archer). Thankfully, Jimmy Saint shows up in the nick of time to save Swann and sons from any number of assorted goons nearby.

V Wars: Safe haven?

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Dez, Swann, and Saint end up in a restaurant, but they don’t find peace there, either. There’s a vampire infestation and the resulting shootout leads to Swann getting shot in the shoulder.

Yes, a guy named Matt (Austin Ball) also gets shot, but no one really cares about him, right?
They safely abandon the restaurant and meet with Senator Sasha Giroux.

Swann tells her that the DNS tried to kill him and actually successfully killed Claire O’Hagan (Kandyse McClure).  They discuss developing a synthetic enzyme that might stop the vampire’s need to consume blood. Swann also mentions that Dez actually seems immune, as he hasn’t transformed, despite his having the “Predator Gene.” This meeting basically activates their next quest: Find some biomass from their original Arctic expedition.

Accumulated quests

Dr. Swann has a lot of things to accomplish in V Wars. In addition to exposing DNS crimes, he also needs to find Rachel (Nikki Reed), his wife. On top of that, he wants Dez to comply with blood and bone marrow tests, to see if his immunity can be used to cure vampirism. Unfortunately, Dez tells him to find someone else, which isn’t too cool. Later, Swann discovers the Arctic biomass samples are missing.

Meanwhile, Fayne sends Kaylee Vo and Brock (Dempsey Bryk) to the DNS facility to get juicy, scandalous footage of the concentration camp environment. However, Brock gets shot before they can get any usable footage. On top of that, DNS villain Calix Niklos (Peter Outerbridge)
intends to crack down even more on Kaylee’s “Reveleaks,” not realizing they didn’t even get to record anything substantial.

Michael Fayne speaks

Michael Fayne seems like a born vampire leader. Not only does his name even sound like “Fang,” but he was patient zero. So Kaylee interviews him and Danika Dubov (Kimberly-Sue Murray), uploading it online promptly.

People around the world see it, including Danika’s sister, Mila (Laura Vandervoort), who says her sister is full of it. Of course, Mila isn’t being entirely honest, either, as she’s hiding her vampirism from Detective Elysse Chambers (Bo Martyn), with Mila even secretly drinking blood from bags in her fridge.

Fayne’s wisdom?

During a key moment, Michael Fayne notes that “The Bloods” were just like regular humans once, and that vampirism could still choose them.   He says, “What if the thing you hate today, you become tomorrow?”

Still, General William May (Jonathan Higgins) dismisses Fayne as a terrorist during an important national meeting and denies abuses at the DNS internment camps. When Dr. Swann starts to testify before the committee, Niklos walks in with Rachel, emphasizing that he’s better not get too out of hand.

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