Love, Victor Season 2: 5 things we hope to see from the new season

Love, Victor -- "Welcome to Creekwood" - Episode 101 -- Victor arrives at Creekwood a year after the events of LOVE, SIMON excited to start his new life. Victor (Michael Cimino), shown. (Photo by: Mitchell Haaseth/Hulu)
Love, Victor -- "Welcome to Creekwood" - Episode 101 -- Victor arrives at Creekwood a year after the events of LOVE, SIMON excited to start his new life. Victor (Michael Cimino), shown. (Photo by: Mitchell Haaseth/Hulu) /

Love, Victor Season 2 is coming! Here are a few things we want to see.

Earlier this week, Deadline reported that Hulu had officially ordered Love, Victor Season 2. It’s not too surprising, considering the series was one of the most-watched on the streaming service during the first week it debuted.

While we’re super happy to know we’ll be getting more episodes of Love, Victor, the news came along with Hulu’s decision to ax High Fidelity, which was a bummer. But for now, we’re choosing to focus on the positives, which is that we get to see more of Victor, Benji, Mia, and the rest of the gang in another season! The following list focuses on a few things we hope to see in Love, Victor Season 2.

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5. Love, Victor Season 2 should not shy away from difficult topics.

While most critics did enjoy the first season, one of the main criticisms leveraged at the initial ten episodes is the lack of teeth. Some of the show’s most complicated issues were brushed over with a glossy coat of upbeat teen comedy paint.

The episode where Victor travels to New York to meet up with Simon and meets several other members of the LGBTQ+ community really felt like a missed opportunity to see how different people within the community are accepted, or the challenges they face with their coming out stories.

It’s nice we have a non-white lead in Victor, which opens up more diverse possibilities than Love, Simon, but it still feels like the show is holding back to remain palatable to a broader audience.

Love, Victor Season 2
Love, Victor — “Spring Fling” – Episode 110 — (Photo by: Gilles Mingasson/Hulu) /

4. Love, Victor Season 2 should explore Mia and Andrew.

In the first season, we discovered that Andrew and Mia had previously slept together and Andrew still has serious feelings for Mia. Unfortunately, Mia’s best friend Lake has a crush on Andrew, making things extra complicated.

But Mia deserves to be with someone who can really love her for her. I’d like to see her and Victor become friends, but I expect it will take a while after what happened in the finale with Victor and Benji finally kissing and her seeing it happen.

The other reason Mia and Andrew would be nice is because, honestly, it’s not often we see Black romances depicted on-screen, especially not in teen dramas and the two actors have great chemistry together in the brief moments we’ve seen.

3. Love, Victor Season 2 should have more Love, Simon cameos.

How great was it to see Keiynan Lonsdale and Nick Robinson reprise their roles in the spin-off? It’s a good idea to let the Love, Victor characters develop outside of the world of the film so it doesn’t become overly focused on continuing Simon’s stories.

But, it would still be nice to see a few other Love, Simon characters pop up. Lonsdale and Robinson are always welcome, but maybe Leah Burke (Katherine Langford) or Abby Susso (Alexandra Shipp) could stop by at some point?

Love, Victor Season 2
Love, Victor — “Stoplight Party” – Episode 102 — (Photo by: Mitchell Haaseth/Hulu) /

2. Love, Victor Season 2 should keep its runtime the same.

I think the short runtime for Love, Victor episodes was a great idea for the first season. It kept the tone and the pacing light and fast, allowing the show to become an easy and addicting binge watch. Sometimes less is more.

1. Love, Victor Season 2 should makes one of its leading ladies gay or bisexual.

It would be super cool if we got some more diversity in the world of Love, Victor by making one or more of the leading ladies in the cast gay or bisexual.  While it was not explored in Love, Simon, the follow-up book Leah in the Offbeat, revealed that Leah was bisexual. it’d be cool if Love, Victor mimicked that by making Lake, Mia, or even Pilar bi, too, since it doesn’t seem like we’re getting a Leah in the Offbeat adaptation anytime soon.

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What do you hope to see in Love, Victor Season 2? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Season 1 of Love, Victor is now available to stream on Hulu.