Biohackers: Is Netflix’s new German sci-fi thriller the next Dark?

Biohackers - Courtesy of Netflix / Marco Nagel
Biohackers - Courtesy of Netflix / Marco Nagel /

What is Netflix’s new international thriller Biohackers?

Biohackers is a dark new German sci-fi thriller from Netflix with a few scenes that might disturb viewers considering our current climate. Thanks to one scene that shows a deadly contagion spreading, Netflix opted to postpone the show for a while.

However, don’t let that dissuade you from watching, it’s not really about a pandemic. The real plot focuses on an elite German university where a dedicated and ambitious professor has one simple goal in mind: to make God obsolete.

Considering the show’s title, you might have an idea of where we’re going with the plot description. It is a series that sees characters attempting to understand synthetic biology and how humans might be able to “hack” our DNA, potentially eliminating hereditary and genetic diseases for good.

Christian Ditter is the showrunner, he previously worked on Netflix’s comedy series Girlboss.

Biohackers key art – Courtesy of Netflix /

Could Biohackers be as successful as Dark?

Dark was another international thriller from Netflix with a compulsive, twisty,  time-traveling plot that both baffled and addicted fans of the show. Could the new show be as successful as Dark —  which just finished its three-season run? It’s possible.

The plots are wildly different but considering they are both rather profound and disturbing, not to mention German imports, they obviously have quite a bit in common. Netflix probably ordered Biohackers banking on the success of Dark, so I’m sure the streaming service has debated this very question themselves. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see!

Biohackers is officially available to stream on Netflix beginning today. The first season is only six episodes in length so it won’t even take you that long to get through it!

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Are you planning to watch Biohackers? Have you watched Dark? Lets u know your thoughts in the comments below.

Biohackers Season 1 is now available to watch on Netflix.