Biohackers ending explained: Examining that twisted Season 1 finale

Biohackers - Courtesy of Marco Nagel / Netflix
Biohackers - Courtesy of Marco Nagel / Netflix /

Biohackers ending explained: Lorenz’s master plan examined.

Introducing the Biohackers ending explained recap, the finale episode shows us what happened in the aftermath of Jasper releasing his mosquitos into the train. The woman trying to help Emma doesn’t believe her when she tells her what has happened on the train and how they desperately need to get antibodies to save everyone.

The investigator thinks Emma is suffering from a psychotic break. Emma manages to escape, but when she confronts Jasper he’s convinced she’s working against him and breaks the vial containing the antibodies. At this point, he believes Lorenz is still working on the real antibodies for the virus.

Thankfully, Emma and her roommates are able to synthesize a new dosage to save the train passengers, and everyone survives. Jasper then realizes that Lorenz never intended to make more antibodies at all. She was planning to use the passengers as her guinea pigs for the Homo Deus experiment.

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Biohackers ending explained: Lorenz and Emma get kidnapped.

The final minutes of the Biohackers finale were some of the most twisted of the first season, with several reveals back-to-back.

First, Emma sets up a meeting with her Berlin contact, who happens to be someone we met earlier in the season, none other than Andreas Winter, the Stanford Quarterly reporter who interviewed Lorenz in the premiere episode. Andreas is the man who has been masquerading as an old friend of Emma’s dead father.

Handing over the flash drive containing all the vital information and proof on Homo Deus, it looks like Emma’s long and devastating journey is finally over. But then, the journalist (who we suspect is not really a journalist, after all) summons a man from the shadows and he throws a bag over Emma’s head.

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Mouth duck-taped and hands tied, Emma is shoved into the back of a van. Guess who is sitting across from her, equally indisposed? Lorenz!

When we were introduced to Andreas, his conversation with Lorenz indicated that he used to have a background in biology. It’s why Lorenz was unimpressed with his new career as a journalist. Could his journalistic endeavors simply have been a ruse or a cover to dig into Lorenz’s research? Perhaps he knows all about Homo Deus and wants to take credit for it, hence why he would need to take both Emma and the doctor.

Biohackers ending explained
Biohackers – Courtesy of Netflix / Marco Nagel /

Biohackers ending explained: What happens to Jasper?

Poor Jasper. It was hard to figure out what to feel toward him in the final batch of episodes. I went from feeling sorry for him, to hating him, to feeling sorry for him again. Ultimately, Jasper discovers Lorenz’s sinister plans and, even worse, she betrays him by telling the police he was responsible for unleashing the genetically modified mosquitos on the train.

Do I think Jasper should face consequences for his actions? Yes. While he might have been swayed by Lorenz’s false promises, he still did something extremely dangerous simply because she told him to. I get he was motivated by fear of his life since without Lorenz he has no chance of overcoming his Huntington’s diagnosis, but still, he’s an adult who made the decision.

That said, he does somewhat redeem himself in the end as he emails Emma everything he found on Homo  Deus on Lorenz’s computer. The last we see of him, he’s sent the email from a train, I suspect he’s going into hiding.

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With the Biohackers ending explained in full, what do you think of all those twists? Do you want to see another season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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