Netflix shocker: The Society & I Am Not Okay With This canceled

Photo: The Society... Seacia Pavao/Netflix
Photo: The Society... Seacia Pavao/Netflix /

Netflix reverses The Society Season 2 renewal.

In some shocking news, Netflix has opted to cancel The Society Season 2 and I Am Not Okay With This Season 2. Both series had already received renewal orders but those decisions have officially been reversed, according to an exclusive report from Deadline.

The decision is predominantly due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic which has seriously disrupted production plans for the shows. However, The Society Season 2 cancellation comes as a particularly painful sting for fans who have been eagerly waiting for over a year now to receive any scrap of news on the show.

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I Am Not Okay With This never officially received a renewal order, so it is not technically a reversal, but it Deadline noted the show was rumored to be “quietly” picked up for a sophomore season. Scripts for new episodes had already been written and plans were made to move forward. It seems that will no longer be the case.

Netflix regrets pulling the plug on The Society Season 2.

In a statement released by the streaming service, Netflix said they were saddened to make the “difficult decision” but Netflix was unable to find a way to workaround COVID-related challenges.

"“We’re disappointed to have to make these decisions due to circumstances created by COVID, and we are grateful to these creators, including: Jonathan Entwistle, Christy Hall, Shawn Levy, Dan Levine, Dan Cohen and Josh Barry at 21 Laps Entertainment for I Am Not Okay With This; Chris Keyser, Marc Webb and Pavlina Hatoupis for The Society; and all the writers, casts and crews who worked tirelessly to make these shows for our members around the world.”"

As the outlet noted, this is, unfortunately, something we might have to anticipate from other shows in the future. The pandemic has created a number of problems in Hollywood due to the months of production shutdown.

High-cost series might be axed to save money, and production costs will also likely be higher for a while as Hollywood is forced to contend with very strict safety protocols that will need extra resources and time to acclimate.

The Society Season 2
I AM NOT OKAY WITH THIS – Credit: Netflix /

Could The Society Season 2 or I Am Not Okay With This be saved?

As is often the case when a show gets canceled, or in this case — two shows, many fans are already eager to know if either program could be saved by another streaming service. Since both shows are Netflix Originals, the odds are much slimmer, although not in possible — as One Day at a Time proved otherwise.

If either series were to get saved, I would say The Society would be the more likely option as it has a much more vocal fanbase than I Am Not Okay With This. It sounds like The Society was going to be costly to produce, however, so it’s not clear if another network or streaming service would be willing to take on that financial burden.

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Are you disappointed by The Society Season 2 and I Am Not Okay With This getting canceled? Do you hope the shows are somehow saved by another network? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Both shows are still available to stream on Netflix.