Ted Lasso Season 1, Episode 4 recap: Rebecca hosts the annual charity gala

Hannah Waddingham in Season 1, Episode 4 of Ted Lasso - Courtesy of Apple TV Plus
Hannah Waddingham in Season 1, Episode 4 of Ted Lasso - Courtesy of Apple TV Plus /

Ted Lasso Season 1, Episode 4 recap: A charity dinner gets messy.

In the fourth episode of Ted Lasso Season 1, Rebecca hosts the team’s annual charity benefit gala, which means everyone has to get all dolled up for a night out. Coach Beard brings his latest date, a woman who enjoys playing mental games of chess with him, Ted brings Nate as his date, Jamie brings Keeley, and Rebecca attends alone.

At first, the gala starts off strong for most involved, except Rebecca who immediately runs into her ex-husband Rupert (Anthony Head). We finally get to see what a piece of work Rupert is in this episode. He makes snide remarks toward Rebecca, commenting on her weight, figure, and choice of attire all under the guise of a compliment.

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Even Ted, who is the nicest guy around, can detect that the things Rupert is saying are not really complimentary at all. This episode lets Rebecca and Ted share a few genuinely emotional moments together as Rupert sort of butts his way into the benefit and takes over.

He runs the auction instead of Rebecca, letting guests bid on a chance to take one of the players out for a date, for instance.

Ted also starts to realize that Rupert might be the person who called musician Robbie Williams and asked him to cancel last-minute. It’s something Rebecca is forced to contend within the opening minutes of the episode. Instead of asking Rupert to extend a hand to ask Robbie to come, Ted and Higgins somehow stumble upon an amazing musician outside named Cam Cole, the building whose music gets everyone off their feet and dancing.

It’s a small victory for Rebecca, who is realizing how alone she really is and feeling upset that some of the things Rupert said to her throughout their relationship could be true. Ted gives her a hug at one point when she’s crying alone outside, it’s sweet. We begin to get a better picture of their marriage, which sounds like it was emotionally abusive.

Ted Lasso Season 1, Episode 4 recap: Roy and Jamie try to work things out.

Aside from helping Rebecca, one of Ted’s main goals in the episode is to try and get Roy and Jamie to work things out. He asks Rebecca to seat him at the table with the two players so he can get some conversation flowing between them. Nothing works until Ted asks Roy, who is older than Jamie, what he acted like at 23.

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Roy starts to realize that, like Jamie, he was an arrogant jerk at that age, too. Coming from a place of understanding, he approaches Jamie and suggests they try and exercise where they both just lay out all of their problems with each other and then move on. It works, for the most part. They don’t have to like each other, they just need to find some mutual respect for one another.

Ted Lasso Season 1, Episode 4 recap: Rebecca and Keeley bond.

During the auction, Keeley winds up getting into a heated bidding war with a striking blond woman for her own boyfriend. She later finds out from Rebecca that the other woman was Jamie’s other plus-one. He explains to her that he only brought her along to raise his profile since he thinks it makes him look good to have multiple attractive women after him.

Heeding some advice from Rebecca, who tells her how important accountability is, Keeley then tries to make Jamie jealous by bidding on Roy. Eventually, she gives up, but Roy is a little hurt by what she did. Keeley sincerely apologizes to him and Roy accepts that before walking away.

Having witnessed the exchange, Jamie asks Keeley what that was all about and she explains that having accountability matters, which is why she doesn’t want to be in a relationship with him anymore. In this episode, we also learn Keeley is almost 30 and probably shouldn’t be dating someone as immature as Jamie. But could sparks be flying between her and Roy?

One of the best things about Ted Lasso‘s fourth episode is seeing Rebecca and Keeley bond. It’s nice to see both of the female characters get the same amount of depth and development as the males on the show. By the end, Keeley has stolen two bottles of champagne and asks Rebecca to go get drunk with her, to which she heartily agrees.

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