Love in the Time of Corona Season 1, Episode 2 Recap: #RelationshipGoals

Leslie Odom Jr. in Love in the Time of Corona - Courtesy of Freeform
Leslie Odom Jr. in Love in the Time of Corona - Courtesy of Freeform /

Freeform’s Love in the Time of Corona: Which ways are these relationships heading?

In the previous episode of Freeform’s Love in the Time of Corona, we met many quarantined couples and singles either looking for love or trying to hold onto it. We also saw some family dynamics that had us asking a few questions. Why is James worried about his younger brother? Also, will Paul and his wife tell their daughter about the split?

We start with James and Sade excited about a possible new baby on the horizon.

We also see Oscar Facetiming with Sean. Their relationship is getting stronger and they are learning more about each other. Meanwhile, Elle is still holding onto her feelings for Oscar.

Elle tries to escape to the upstairs, but Oscar calls her in to meet Sean. She quickly makes an excuse and leaves. Sean then asks Oscar to make their online relationship exclusive. Interesting.

Elle is on their balcony when she again spies on the man showering next door. Only this time, he catches her. She makes a lame excuse, but we don’t think he buys it. He quickly moves on and asks her about the book she is reading.

They have a short conversation and we learn his name is Adam. Could this be something?

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We are then at Paul’s house. He is talking to his wife, Sarah, and they are having a nice conversation about how their lives are looking up. They then come together to decide to do something to cheer up their daughter, Sophie. The three end up having a dance party in their living room.

We are then at James’s mother’s house. His brother shows up. He asks that she doesn’t tell his father that he lost his job.

We then see Sade talking to her friend on Facetime about her new relationship. Sade is loving that James is home a lot more. She thinks their relationship is getting stronger.

Oscar is telling Elle about his dates with Sean. Elle is being a little spicy towards him. Elle cracks and confesses her love for him. How will Oscar take this?

He tries to comfort her, but she wants none of it. Oscar is left very confused.

Tommy Dorfman in Love in the Time of Corona
Tommy Dorfman in Love in the Time of Corona – Courtesy of Freeform /

James goes out for a run and when he comes back he sees the live footage of the murder of Ahmaud Arbery.

Elle returns to her balcony crying when this time Adam sees her. She quickly blames it on the book and then flings it at him so he can read it.

We then see Paul, Sarah, and Sophie eating dinner. They have been invited to James’s mother’s 50th Anniversary party. They then exchange stories about there previous relationships to cheer up Sophie. They then recount their own love story.

Could this ship be turning around?

Elle is sitting in the living room trying to write a song when the doorbell rings. Adam has left a bucket with the ingredients for lemon martinis and a book that he wants her to read. We like his style.

Sade and James are talking about doctors and prenatal vitamins. Sade gets very ahead of herself confesses that she has told everyone that they are trying to have a baby. James feels like this adds a lot of pressure to the situation and becomes unsure if this is what he wants.

Paul and Sarah talk about how quarantine may be a good thing. But, then someone calls Paul’s phone. It is Paul’s girlfriend. She is angry that he is staying with his family and not with her. We didn’t see that one coming.

Sophie is on the phone with her friend on Facetime. She is trying to convince Sophie to go to a party now that she is single. Sophie says that she is going to sneak out of the house to go.

Adam is doing a DIY project in the yard when he gets a phone call from Elle. She is thanking him for the basket. They get to small talking and we find out that he flips houses and is a writer. They both talk about how they are struggling in their fields. This is definitely going somewhere.

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While some relationships are on the rise, we see some strong ones starting to have cracks. Will James and Sade agree on another child? Will Paul and Sarah really break when he tells her about his girlfriend? 

You can watch Love in the Time of Corona currently streaming on Freeform!