Love in the Time of Corona Season Premiere Recap: The Course of Love

Tommy Dorfman and Rainey Qualley in Love in the Time of Corona - Courtesy of Freeform
Tommy Dorfman and Rainey Qualley in Love in the Time of Corona - Courtesy of Freeform /

Freeform’s Love in the Time of Corona is a rollercoaster of relationships.

Freeform’s Love in the Time of Corona begins with a couple, James and Sade, gearing up for a quarantine shopping trip. James is on his way to get all of this couple’s and their baby’s necessities.

We then see another pair, Oscar and Elle, hanging out a porch. They are looking at masks and giving each other foot massages. They are also using this porch to stare at their good looking neighbor in his outdoor shower.

Oscar and Elle are now occupying their time by completing a series of social media challenges. One of our favorites includes The Switch challenge.

Finally, we see an older couple. The man, Paul, is all business up top and party on the bottom for those business calls. They are now discussing how their daughter’s boyfriend, Jordan, is going to quarantine with them. She is excited about his arrival and goes into the other room.

While she is gone, the couple discusses how they are going to be splitting up. When all of a sudden, their daughter comes back in crying that her boyfriend broke up with her. Well, this isn’t the time to tell her.

We now see Sade and her friend talking over facetime. They are discussing how her friend is going to move in with her boyfriend for quarantine. Her friend thinks that Sade is pregnant, but Sade is claiming that she isn’t.

Leslie Odom Jr. in Love in the Time of Corona
Leslie Odom Jr. in Love in the Time of Corona – Courtesy of Freeform /

When James arrives home, Sade is going through their groceries, and it turns out he doesn’t realize that his wife had written more items on the back of the grocery list.

We are now back with Oscar and Elle. They are relaxing and decide to go on the dating apps to find a partner for each other. Although, we think Elle might be after Oscar.

Oscar is now on Facetime with someone. His name is Sean. It looks like they are on their first date. Elle is also on her first facetime date with a guy named Dylan.

Sean and Oscar are now exchanging terrible Covid-19 pickup lines. Some of which made us laugh out loud. Sean and Oscar seem to be hitting it off. Elle and Dylan, not so much.

We then see James talking to his mother. Sade is talking to her friend. They are both talking about having another baby. After their phone calls, they both agreed to start trying to have a baby.

Sean and Oscar are still going strong with the Facetime date, while Elle just wants it to end. And she does end it.

Oscar’s date takes a weird turn too and both of them look like they aren’t going to get far with online dating.

James’s mother is now Facetiming with her husband. He is in a rehab facility. They are discussing their upcoming anniversary party. They think they will be out of quarantine by May 10th.

James’s father has a memory problem and keeps forgetting everything they are discussing. We can tell that his mother is hopeful and just wants him to get better.

We then cut to Paul and his wife discussing how they are going to tell their daughter about their breakup. It gets even weirder when they are about to go to sleep, in separate rooms, and their daughter asks to sleep with them in their bed.

James’s brother calls his mother. Earlier, we heard James warning her about him. He must be troubled. But, a mother does what a mother has to do and allows him to live in her back guest house. Will she tell James?

Oscar and Elle meet back up. Oscar tells Elle about how amazing Sean is and Elle seems a little disappointed. Elle is definitely into Oscar.

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Will Oscar and Elle end up together? Will James and Sade have a baby? Is James’s brother bad news? 

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