The Flash Season 7: First promo revealed at DC FanDome

Grant Gustin will return as Barry Allen in The Flash Season 7
Grant Gustin will return as Barry Allen in The Flash Season 7 /

What can we expect from The Flash Season 7?

The most recent season of The CW’s The Flash was cut short due to production being halted. At DC FanDome, the cast and showrunners came together to reveal more news about what fans can expect from The Flash Season 7. Part of the sixth season storyline will continue on in 2021 before the plot moves on.

When we left Team Flash, they were in disarray. Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) was losing his speed, while Iris West-Allen (Candice Patton), Kamilla Hwang (Victoria Park) and Captain Singh (Patrick Sabongui) were trapped in the mirror universe. Meanwhile, season villain Eva McCulloch (Efrat Dor) was out and ruining the team’s lives.

The Flash Season 7: Iris is Going Mad

Showrunner Eric Wallace explained that much of the footage from the ‘sizzle reel’ came from a single episode from the next season. The show was done with 85% of its filming when production stopped, so we can assume that the Mirror Mistress storyline was supposed to conclude but may be prolonged in The Flash Season 3.

From the trailer, we see Iris is still trapped in the mirror world, and she’s being taunted by herself. This other Iris could be a figment of Iris’ fractured mind or one of the mirror universe’s evil creations. A ‘fake’ Iris spent much of the second half of the previous season the show.

Though Iris is still keen on locating her friends in the mirror world, she may be losing her grip on reality.

In the real world, it looks like Barry Allen will have to finally relent and allow the rest of the team to become heroes in their own right. The Arrowverse show often struggles to give the rest of the meta-human characters the opportunity to take center-stage. That may change if the team can’t create an artificial speed force for Barry.

With Barry losing his powers, he calls on new series regulars Allegra Garcia (Kayla Compton) and Chester P. Runk (Brandon McKnight) to help him save his city. We can expect Caitlin Snow/ Frost (Danielle Panabaker) to also return to Team Flash. Conspicuously missing in all the footage was Carlos Valdes’ Cisco Ramon.

Patton was confident that Barry and Iris will find each other again, and since they’re the beating heart of the show, we can hope that happens sooner rather than later.

The Flash Season 7: Let’s Talk About the Villains

Efrat Dor returns as Eva McCulloch / Mirror Mistress in The Flash Season 7
Efrat Dor returns as Eva McCulloch / Mirror Mistress in The Flash Season 7 /

Mirror Mistress’s motives aren’t clear. She killed her husband, who left her trapped in the mirror world. From The Flash Season 3 trailer, it seems that she’s out to take over the world. That doesn’t seem too original. Eva has the ability to be anywhere she wants and could be the team’s most formidable villain yet.

There were no updates on whether Ralph Dibney will be recast, and what would happen to Sue Dearbon’s role. She was implicated by Eva as her husband’s murderer. It’s possible the creators will write the characters off as having gone into hiding.

Speaking at the panel, Danielle Nicolet (Cecile Horton) mentioned how she’d like her character to be ‘bad’. The trailer went on to hint that something may happen to Cecile. As a meta-human defense lawyer, Cecile is seen in conversation with another meta-human with empathic abilities.

That character appears to activate some power in Cecile, and she looks terrified. Will Cecile need to be saved from herself in the next season? And will this unknown villain take over after Mirror Mistress has been defeated?

Another villain that fans are looking forward to seeing more of in The Flash Season 3 is Godspeed. Wallace talked about how new and young fans reading the current comic books would want to see characters that they’re familiar with, and he hopes the show will reflect their reading.

While it’s not confirmed that Godspeed will return, there are still questions surrounding the speedster’s appearance in the current timeline. Godspeed isn’t supposed to exist until a couple of decades in the future.

We don’t know when The Flash Season 3 will be able to begin filming again, but the showrunners have a concrete plan and fans have plenty to look forward to.

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Catch The Flash on The CW. The Flash Season 7 is scheduled to release in 2021.