Love in the Time of Corona Season 1 Finale Explained

Gil Bellows and Rya Kihlstedt in Love in the Time of Corona - Courtesy of Freeform
Gil Bellows and Rya Kihlstedt in Love in the Time of Corona - Courtesy of Freeform /

Love in the Time of Corona: Which quarantine romances are making it through?

In the previous episode of Freeform’s Love in the Time of Corona, Sarah found out Paul has a girlfriend. Sophie thinks that Paul is having an affair. Ella and Oscar got caught up in each other. Also, James and Sade are in disagreement about having another baby. How will all of their love stories end?

We start with Elle and Oscar waking up in the same bed. Interesting.

Oscar tries to sneak out of the room when Elle wakes up. He tries to play it off like he is going to the bathroom, but it is an awkward morning.

Elle also wakes up to a text from Adam. He has left another care package at their door.

Paul is now going through old pictures. He ends up finding pictures and notes from his wedding. Sophie walks in and accuses him of cheating. Paul immediately says that Sarah knows. Sarah walks in and things get interesting.

They both come clean and tell her that they have been split since after the holidays. Sophie has gotten hit with a lot in this short time.

Sade is now on the phone with her friend. She informs her that James doesn’t want another baby. Sade also finds out that her friend has Corona. The doctors say she should be alright, but Sade is concerned.

Sean is leaving messages for Oscar, but Oscar isn’t calling back. Elle goes outside and grabs her breakfast from Adam.

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He is waiting on his porch for her and she goes out to thank him and talk to him. He also gives her something that he wrote. It is called “Love in the Time of Corona.”

Sophie is outside sitting by herself and Paul comes out to talk to her. Paul says that he isn’t going anywhere and that he is going to stay quarantining with them.

Nanda is on the phone with James. James is trying to tell her that his father didn’t remember who he was when they were on the phone, but Nanda plays it off. They then get into a conversation about Ahmaud Arbery.

Leslie Odom Jr. in Love in the Time of Corona
Leslie Odom Jr. in Love in the Time of Corona /

Leslie Odom Jr. in Love in the Time of Corona – Courtesy of FreeformThey discuss how it was for Nanda to raise him and his brother in this world. Could this be part of James’s reservations about having a second child?

Nanda also then confesses that Dedrick has been staying at her house. She tells James to reach out to him. Will James do it?

Elle is talking to Adam on the porch. She has read his work and tell him that he is amazing. She also confesses that she is in love with Oscar. Adam takes it surprisingly well.

James walks into his house and finds Sade crying. She is upset and thinks they ruined their chances of having another child by telling everyone.

James breaks down and admits that he is having a hard time with the way the world is right now and the thoughts of having a second child.

Dedrick is outside Nanda’s house and his phone rings. It is from James. They end up having a great conversation. Nanda is inside and finds out that they are extending the Stay at Home order until May 15th.

This hits Nanda hard because she realizes that there isn’t going to be an anniversary party. She also tells Dedrick about how worried she is about her husband and that he might not be coming home.

Dedrick says that he will take her to the rehab center on their anniversary to see him through the glass.

Oscar now gets on the phone with Sean. Sean asks Oscar where he has been. Oscar then starts to tell Sean that he was with Elle. Sean then asks if Oscar loves her and Oscar says no. But, Elle hears all of it.

In a turn of events, Oscar starts to tell Sean that he is really falling for him. Elle busts in and tells Oscar that it’s ok and that they are better off as friends.

Paul and Sophie have worked together to transform their backyard into Venice since Sarah can’t go this year. They take a gondola ride in their pool and then eat a nice pasta dinner.

Sophie confesses that she is happy Jordan didn’t quarantine with them because she is cherishing their time together. She is alright with her parents splitting as long as they still get together as a family. Then she goes inside to bed.

Paul admits that he wished quarantine happened earlier so they could have spent this time together sooner. Sarah asks him if they can give it another go and Paul agrees. We are loving this!

James and Sade are discussing having a baby, again. Sade brings up their parents and that they also raised children in this world and being nervous shouldn’t stop them. James agrees with her and they are going to try for a second child!

Elle then goes outside to Adam with her guitar and holds up her end of the deal. She read Adam’s work, so now she is going to sing for him.

Oscar joins her outside and Sean tells him to look up. Sean rented a plane to fly a sign over the apartment confessing his love for Oscar.

Nanda shows up at the rehab center and talks to her husband through the window. Dedrick then comes to the window and all is forgiven between them.

We then see a car parade for their anniversary. Everyone is honking and wishing them a happy anniversary. Nanda got the party she wanted.

We are so happy with the way this ended! “You Can’t Quarantine Love.”

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