Ted Lasso Season 1, Episode 5 recap: Tan Lines

Phil Dunster in Ted Lasso Season 1, Episode 5 - Courtesy of Apple TV Plus
Phil Dunster in Ted Lasso Season 1, Episode 5 - Courtesy of Apple TV Plus /

Ted Lasso Episode 5 recap: Ted’s family visits.

Ted’s family travels over 4,000 miles to the U.K. to spend time with him in this touching episode. Ted Lasso Episode 5 is really about Ted stepping up to the plate in both his career and at home. He makes at least two monumental changes, one that drastically affects AFC Richmond, and one that will alter his home life forever.

As his wife Michelle and their son arrive, Ted takes pride in showing them off to the team and taking them to his favorite pub for fish and chips. On the surface, they seem like the perfect little family, but we already know Ted and Michelle have been having marital problems. Earlier in the episode, he reveals as much to Rebecca, and they also had a tense phone call a few episodes ago.

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In one heartbreaking scene, Ted catches Michelle crying. While attending therapy, they came up with a method where they say “Oklahoma” to demand the other’s honesty.

Well, Michelle gets brutally honest, admitting that she keeps trying to feel the same she did when they first got married.  She’s willing to keep trying, even though she’s clearly not happy.

Her statement rattles Ted, as it confirms all of his worries, and it contrasts nicely with his team struggles this week. Jamie is as pompous, arrogant, and selfish as ever. He refuses to pass on the field and claims the audience only cares for him and his performance to Ted.

The final tipping point comes when Sam gets injured during the game, and Jamie can’t even be bothered to check on his teammate, seriously pissed off Roy, who instigates a fight because Jamie can’t stop being a self-centered jerk for two seconds.

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Despite scoring a goal and tying Richmond and the opposing team, Ted decides to do something radical to change things up on the field. He benches Jamie. Then during half-time, Ted gives his team a pep talk and tells them all to embrace change because it’s essential. Obviously, his speech doubles as a realization that he needs to let Michelle go.

The risk pays off, as, without Jamie on the field, the team manages to work together to score the winning goal, nabbing the first victory for the team all season. Even the cheers of “w*nker” in the crowd take on a different meaning — “turning something bad into good.”

Rebecca is the only person who looks disgruntled by the win, as everyone else erupts into immediate cheers.

At the end of Ted Lasso Episode 5, Ted and Michelle finally have a serious discussion about their marriage.

"“I promised myself I would never let quit anything in my life.”“But you’re not quitting Ted, you’re just letting me go.”"

YES. I CRIED. I mean, how does this show hit every single emotional beat so well?

Ted Lasso Episode 5
Andrea Anders in Ted Lasso Season 1, Episode 5 – Courtesy of Apple TV Plus /

Ted Lasso Episode 5 recap: Sparks fly between Keeley and Roy.

Aside from the main storyline this week, we get to see some more development for Keeley, who realizes she’s made the right choice in breaking up with Jamie — he’s already moved on. That said, she still has to help him with a promotional press conference for  Darsteiner beer since she spent a lot of time putting the entire thing together.

Rebecca takes notice of Keeley’s efforts and even offers her a potential new job opportunity to do branding for other members of the team. Considering Rebecca’s ulterior motives, I’m not sure her plan will be beneficial for AFC Richmond, but it could be good for Keeley.

Meanwhile, at least one other person is glad Keeley is finally done with Jamie, Roy. At first, he gives her some grief about her relationship, but he later apologizes to her, and it’s evident there are some sparks between the two. I’d certainly like to see something between them explored.

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