Biohackers cast: Who plays who in Netflix’s latest acclaimed thriller?

Biohackers - Courtesy of Netflix / Marco Nagel
Biohackers - Courtesy of Netflix / Marco Nagel /

Who plays who in the Biohackers cast?

Biohackers is Netflix’s latest hit thriller series and many fans are trying to figure out who’s who in the Biohackers cast. There’s a lot of fantastic characters on the German series, so we thought we would break down the cast list to highlight some fun facts and previous roles of the main characters!

Biohackers cast: Emma Engels & Professor Tanja Lorenz

We’re introduced to the world of the show through Mia Acklerlund, we later learn is secretly a young woman named Emma Engels. Her entire purpose in attending a prestigious German university is to get close to Professor/Doctor Tanja Lorenz, an esteemed biologist with a fascination with genetic and synthesized biology. She likes to play God.

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As these two characters are the core of the show and the only two guaranteed to return for Season 2, we thought we would begin by discussing the actresses bringing them to life!

The 21-year-old Swiss native Luna Wedler portrayed Mia/Emma on the series.

Before Biohackers, she had a starring role in the crime drama series The Team. She has a few film projects in the works, including The Story of My Wife alongside renowned French actress Léa Seydoux.

Jessica Schwarz is an accomplished 43-year-old German TV and film actress. She has won multiple awards and outside of Germany is probably best known for her work in Perfume: The Story of a Murderer and the Buddenbrooks. Out of the entire cast, she is probably the most famous.

Biohackers cast
BERLIN, GERMANY – FEBRUARY 20: Jessica Schwarz arrives for the opening ceremony and “My Salinger Year” premiere during the 70th Berlinale International Film Festival Berlin at Berlinale Palace on February 20, 2020 in Berlin, Germany. (Photo by Gina Wetzler/Getty Images) /

Biohackers cast: Who played Emma’s roommates?

Emma’s roommates, Lotta, Ole, and Chen-Lu, were some of the most surprisingly lovable characters on the show and often provided comedic relief. They even wound up helping save Emma’s life and the lives of the train passengers in the final hours of the show.

Lotta: Caro Cult plays Lotta on the show, and based on her Instagram feed she has been loving her time on the series. She recently shared an adorable photograph of her and several castmembers and revealed they had just done their first official table read for Season 2!

Beyond Biohackers, the stunning 26-year-old star has worked on films like High Society, Nightlife, and the eight-episode crime thriller series Babylon Berlin.

Ole: Sebastian Jakob Doppelbauer is one of the lesser-known actors on the show, it looks like Biohackers is his first big breakout role.

Chen-Lu: Similar to Doppelbauer, the techno-thriller looks to be Jing Xiang‘s first big role! It’s surprising too since many agree that Xiang was a total scene-stealer in Season 1.

Biohackers cast: Emma’s love interests, Jasper and Niklas.

Rounding out the main cast of characters is Jasper and Niklas, both who function as Emma’s love interests, but also have plot arcs of their own. Jasper and Niklas are best friends who wind up torn apart due to Emma and her agenda against Lorenz.

Complicating things is Jasper’s dependence on Lorenz, who is his only chance for a cure to his Huntington’s disease. But Niklas has never liked Lorenz, even before Emma came around.

JasperAdrian Julius Tillmann is a real newcomer to the acting scene. Xiang and Doppelbauer starred in a few smaller films and shorts, but Biohackers is Tillmann’s first official credit.

Niklas: Apart from Biohackers, 26-year-old actor Thomas Prenn has starred in another sci-fi series called 8 Days. He is also in production on a film called Hochwald.

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What did you think about the Biohackers cast? Are you looking forward to Season 2 of the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.