Jensen and Jared share emotional messages ahead of filming the Supernatural finale


The Supernatural stars sent an emotional message to fans.

Supernatural was yet another show that had to pause production back in March due to the novel coronavirus, it hurt even more as the show only had two more episodes left to film in its run, yeah, just two.

The series itself had to go on hiatus after episode 13 because the post-production had to be stopped as well. A few weeks ago, when Jensen, Jared, and Misha joined senator Cory Booker and Texas senatorial candidate MJ Hega in a Zoom chat, they also revealed the fact that there have been some tweaks from the initial script of the finale that was in March to now in order to accommodate the pandemic.

Supernatural resumed production at the start of August.

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Now, finally, after what it feels like has been ages, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Alexander Calvert, and everybody are back to filming the show’s final episode, yeah, it’s time to start saying our final goodbyes to the series because they are filming the last episode of the series.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Jensen and Jared got to Vancouver sometime at the start of August and went through a standard two-week quarantine before they started filming the penultimate episode around the middle of August.

This was evidenced by a video shared by Misha Collins on his Instagram, where the cast made him a birthday message during filming since Misha wasn’t on set that day.

Now, both Jensen and Jared took to their social media this Friday in emotional posts as tears went down their faces announcing the fact that they are finally entering the first day of filming the series finale.

Jensen posted a video on his Instagram to talk about how for 326 episodes, all the Supernatural scripts have ended with a “To be continued,” but this time it says “The end.”

Jared also shared a teary-eyed selfie on his Instagram and Twitter, revealing that he was upset about heading into the final moments of the final season.

Well, with millions of dedicated die-hard fans around the world, fifteen years of legacy, the show’s impact on the genre as well as the network, we can certainly vouch for the fact that it will always have a special place in our hearts.

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Supernatural returns Thursday, October 8, on The CW. The finale is set to air on Thursday, November 19. An hour-long special will also air before the finale honoring the series’ legacy.