Young Wallander Season 1, Episode 3 recap: Who is billionaire Gustav Munck?

Young Wallander - Courtesy of Andrej Vasilenko/Netflix
Young Wallander - Courtesy of Andrej Vasilenko/Netflix /

Young Wallander Episode 3 recap: Kurt finds the suspect.

At the beginning of Young Wallander Episode 3, Kurt wakes up in the grass on the side of the river. After working him over, the drug dealers shoved him in a trunk and dumped him far from the club. He’s looking worse for the wear with a seriously bloodied face.

For the second time, Kurt finds his way to Mona at the church and asks her to patch him up. He doesn’t want to be stuck at the hospital when time is of the essence in this case. As Mona applies disinfectant to his wounds, Kurt tries to get a little more intel about the refugees, as his new theory is that the killer was previously staying there.

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Mona isn’t willing to betray their loyalty, but she does tell him that billionaire Gustav Munck (Alan Emrys) is bankrolling the entire project.

Hemberg entrusts Rask and Kurt with speaking with Munck to get the address of the new refugee sanctuary so they can interview the remaining immigrants to see if any of them know who the mystery suspect is.

The pair head to some posh-looking tennis court setup where Gustav and his brother Karl-Axel (Jacob Collins-Levy) are finishing a game. Gustav has no desire to give the detectives any real information, claiming he is very protective of his projects, and the increased animosity toward immigrants is unsettling him.

Karl-Axel is more forthcoming, and ultimately Gustav agrees to allow the detectives to visit the new sanctuary. Before they leave, Gustav ominously tells Kurt not to visit Mona anymore. Should he need anything else, he’s instructed to go straight to him. Did they have a fling in the past?

Kurt doesn’t listen to Gustav’s vaguely threatening instruction. He and Mona enjoy a late snack together in the pouring rain, bunkering down in a bus stop to avoid getting wet. There he tells her that while the daily inanities of the job get tiresome, there are moments, like the possibility of Ibra going free, that make them worthwhile.

At the sanctuary, Kurt doesn’t get anywhere with any of the refugees. We don’t see Rask’s interviewing process, but I imagine she doesn’t either since it isn’t discussed. On the second day of interviews, before they even begin, trouble strikes when Mona realizes that pregnant refugee Yara (Shaniaz Hama Ali), missed a doctor’s appointment, which is very out of character for her.

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Working on a hunch, Kurt investigates her room an old receipt in her trashcan for a drugstore much farther than one would reasonably travel. He also gets her cell phone number from her roommate and gives it to Hembrug to track. Getting a headstart in the direction of the store, Kurt receives a call from his superior. They have coordinates to Yara’s location, and officers are on the way.

Kurt gets there first and finds Yara sitting at the bottom of a tree trunk in the middle of a forest. Zemar (Elham Ehsas), the suspect and man Kurt, has been searching for, arrives shortly after, and the two gather their things and head off. It’s apparent they are a family, and they’re trying to flee.

Stepping out from his hiding spot, Kurt stops them from taking off, which results in a standoff when Zemar pulls a gun. To make him calm down, Kurt visibly disarms himself and tries to talk it out with the couple, with Yara functioning as a translator.

Between the three of them, we learn Zemar was forced to trigger the grenade by an unnamed person at the threat of deportation. It might not excuse what he did, but it gives us a reason and underscores that all of this is much bigger than it initially appeared.

In the shocking final moments of the episode, shortly after reaching the precinct, a sniper shoots Zemar. Someone doesn’t want him talking, that’s for sure!

Young Wallander Episode 3
Young Wallander – Courtesy of Andrej Vasilenko/Netflix /

Young Wallander Episode 3 recap: Reza wakes up.

Some good news for Reza, he finally starts to come out of his coma at the hospital. An overjoyed Jasmine gets the call while Kurt is helping her move things out of the house. For now, Jasmine’s animosity is forgotten as she embraces him and sobs, overcome with emotion.

The cops also find the Norse Protection League member who brutally attacked Reza. He’s as smug and slimy as any Nazi as he sits in the interview room and tries to defend he and his fellow NPL members’ actions that day at the protest. He refuses to confess. Instead, he claims Reza got in over his head and wound up trampled.

Still, listening in on the conversation gives Kurt an idea. When asked how the NPL knew about the church full of refugees, he said he found it online. Trolling through the darknet, Kurt finds a message board of like-minded racists; one user, in particular, stands out. Someone named “Whitewash” appears to know more than the others and appears to have organized everything from Hugo’s murder to the church incident.

Kurt takes his theories and speculation to Hemberg. What if these attacks are linked? Perhaps they were used to heighten hatred against immigrants deliberately? He wonders if someone is targeting the Muncks specifically since both incidents happened on his properties.

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Odds & Ends from Young Wallander Episode 3

  • Bash takes Kurt’s words to heart and shows up at the precinct to give Ibra an alibi. Ibra was willing to go to jail for him and his mates, telling Kurt he sees them as his family. He’s pissed at his mother for not supporting his original fabrication, though.
  • Is it just me, or did Ibra’s holding cell look kind of cozy?
  • Rickard appears again, this time going ballistic at Hugo’s coach. He found out about the night club visits and thinks the coach led him astray. His wife pays the brunt of his untempered rage, as shown by her bruised face and bloodshot eyes. Finding out she kept their sons late-night sneak outs from him was the flame that lit the match. Seeing this, Kurt assigns a welfare check to their house.

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