Young Wallander Season 2: Plot, release date, details, & more

Young Wallander - Courtesy of Andrej Vasilenko/Netflix
Young Wallander - Courtesy of Andrej Vasilenko/Netflix /

Will Young Wallander Season 2 happen at Netflix?

There’s no news yet on whether Netflix will renew Young Wallander Season 2. Since the series just dropped last week, odds are we won’t get an official decision for another month or so, although sometimes the streamer makes decisions early.

It’s hard to say if Netflix will renew Young Wallander. On one hand, the Wallander source material is very popular. With tons of novels available,  Netflix could feasibly keep the prequel series going for a long time. But the series received a mixed reaction from both critics and audiences.

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The main criticism of the series was that Young Wallander only had one Swedish actor in the leading character, but the rest of the cast was British. Fans were disappointed with this odd decision from Yellow Bird.

What will Young Wallander Season 2 be about?

At the end of the first season, Kurt quit the police force, unable to separate his emotions from the job. We know his departure won’t stick,  but if the series doesn’t get renewed, it’s not a terrible ending for the prequel. Kurt returns to his home with Mona by his side and we even get a proper conclusion for Ibra’s storyline. With Kurt’s help, he was able to get his contract back and he returns to playing soccer.

Should Young Wallander Season 2 come to fruition, I imagine a big case will come along that Kurt cannot resist. Perhaps Rask will reach out to him for assistance and he’ll find himself involved with yet another high-stakes mystery.

When will Young Wallander Season 2 premiere?

If Netflix renews the crime thriller, we probably will not see the second season until late 2021 at the earliest. With the pandemic interrupting everything, shows are going to be off schedule for a while. Many popular series still haven’t restarted production and Netflix has other shows its obligated to before figuring out where to put Young Wallander.

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Do you hope Young Wallander Season 2 is ordered at Netflix? Why or why not? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

All six episodes of Young Wallander are now available to stream on Netflix.