The Duchess Season 1 primer: Everything to know before you watch

The Duchess Season 1. Katherine Ryan as Katherine in episode 1 of Duchess Season 1. Cr. Simon Ridgway/NETFLIX © 2020
The Duchess Season 1. Katherine Ryan as Katherine in episode 1 of Duchess Season 1. Cr. Simon Ridgway/NETFLIX © 2020 /

The Duchess Season 1: What is it about?

Katherine Ryan executive produces, writes, and stars in her debut scripted series The Duchess Season 1. Ryan’s character in the series is also named Katherine Ryan, although the Candian comedian told Digital Spy that her character is “maybe more like my stage persona than she is like me.”

Throughout the first season, Katherine contends deals with single motherhood and her beloved daughter Olive while debating the possibility of having another child with the man she hates most, Olive’s dad. It’s a biting, snarky Netflix comedy in the vein of Amazon’s Fleabag.

The Duchess Season 1: What should you watch or read before the show begins?

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It is an original comedy series from Katherine Ryan, so no need to prepare. Although, you might consider watching some of her stand-up comedy specials to see if her brand of humor is something that interests you. Several of them are available to stream on Netflix.

The Duchess Season 1: How many episodes? What is the runtime?

There are only six episodes and since it is a comedy, I’m guessing it’ll have a short runtime of under 30 minutes. It should be a quick and easy binge.

The Duchess Season 1: What are critics saying?

There aren’t a lot of reviews available, but Variety did publish an absolutely scathing piece on the series, calling it a “tasteless misfire.”

Other outlets have called it hilarious, like Ready Steady Cut. It seems like this might be one of those shows where you’re either a fan of the biting, often cruel, comedy, or would rather skip it altogether.

The Duchess Season 1: Will there be a second season?

It’s too early to tell. That said, the fact Katherine Ryan has a few original comedy specials on Netflix likely means she has a good relationship with the streamer. The series is short and likely not too expensive to produce, so if it gets decent views it might manage to get renewed.

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Are you planning to watch The Duchess Season 1 when it debuts? What do you think about the trailer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

All six episodes of The Duchess Season 1 begin streaming on Netflix this Friday, September 11.