Supernatural on Halloween: 5 scariest episodes to watch this year

Get ready for your last Supernatural on Halloween
Get ready for your last Supernatural on Halloween /
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4. Scariest Supernatural episodes: Croatoan (Season 2, Episode 9)

The legend of Croatoan has been the foundation for many horror episodes across series, so it only made sense for Supernatural to pay homage to the mystery as well.

When Sam and Dean investigate a town under siege by a deadly demon virus, they come across the term ‘Croatoan’ which foreshadows the townspeople disappearing without a trace.

It isn’t long before Sam Winchester is infected, and his life is on the line. With no one to protect him but Dean, the boys must tackle their emotions and their destinies.

The episode is creepy and an early example of the danger the brothers face every day. The denouement feeds into the overarching plot of the second season—that the Yellow-Eyed Demon has his eye on claiming Sam as his demon spawn.

3. Scariest Supernatural episodes: Asylum (Season 1, Episode 10)

Sam and Dean take a detour from their search for their father to investigate mysterious occurrences involving an abandoned asylum in a small town. An officer who entered the asylum inexplicably committed murder, so it’s time for the Winchesters to find out why.

With the help of their father’s journal, they’re able to discover the mysteries behind the asylum, but will they stop the ghosts before tearing each other apart?

Let’s be honest, which horror properties haven’t included an asylum at some point or other? We couldn’t expect anything different from Supernatural.

It makes perfect sense to watch ‘Asylum’ if you’re catching Supernatural on Halloween. There are evil ghosts, jump scares, cruel experiments, the drama between the brothers, and the boys in peril. What’s there not to love?