Supernatural on Halloween: 5 scariest episodes to watch this year

Get ready for your last Supernatural on Halloween
Get ready for your last Supernatural on Halloween /
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2. Scariest Supernatural episodes: Provenance (Season 1, Episode 19)

Noticeably, most of the spooky episodes we recommend for Supernatural on Halloween are from the early seasons. The show had a specific vision in those early days, and ‘Provenance’ fit that vision perfectly.

Starring horror film veteran Jodelle Ferland as a quintessentially scary ghost child, the episode follows Sam and Dean and an old painting that’s killing homeowners.

While Dean encourages Sam to get close to auction house employee Sarah Blake, the boys have to trace the provenance of the painting that’s doing the killing. This episode is genuinely eerie, capturing the specific tone and feel of all our horror favorites.

And, with a third act that is full of twists and an almost unbeatable villain, you should be prepared to leave the lights on after watching this episode.

1. Scariest Supernatural episodes: Bloody Mary (Season 1, Episode 5)

There’s nothing quite like a new take on an urban legend to get your heart racing. ‘Bloody Mary’ is an essential part of American lore, and Supernatural took the legend to a whole new level with this truly frightening episode.

When young girls begin dying after invoking Bloody Mary, Sam and Dean arrive to save a haunted teenager named Charlie. Charlie’s friends played the game and now they’re dead. Soon, Charlie begins seeing the eponymous Mary in every reflective surface and needs the brothers to protect her.

This episode is somewhat unique because Charlie was given a full-fledged arc beyond just being a scared girl.

It isn’t long before Sam and Dean are facing Bloody Mary’s wrath and the final act is suspenseful beyond measure as Mary jumps from mirror to mirror, almost killing the Winchesters.

This episode is so scary that you may be too afraid to look in a mirror for several weeks. Wait, did my reflection just move?

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Did your favourite scary Supernatural episodes make it to our list? Let us know in the comments which episodes you would have included as well.

Supernatural Season 15 will air on The CW from October 8.