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15 Best Supernatural episodes
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Best Supernatural episodes
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6. Best Supernatural episodes: The French Mistake

Supernatural has so many dark moments that any levity is welcome and notable. ‘The French Mistake’ sees Sam and Dean transported to an alternate reality which is actually our real world. They have to pretend to be Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, except the fictional versions, are nothing like the real people.

This is a laugh-a-minute fan-favorite Supernatural episode that couldn’t be absent from this list. The scene with Jared and Jensen playing Sam and Dean playing Jared and Jensen playing Sam and Dean—did you get all that?—is perfection.

Misha Collins playing a goofy version of himself adds to the hilarity—as do the fictional versions of Genevieve Padalecki, and the crew, including creator Eric Kripke, and director Robert Singer. There’s not a moment in this episode that isn’t terrific.

5. Best Supernatural episodes: Yellow Fever

Dean’s return from Hell should have seen him living a life of leisure, or at least finding some peace. Alas, this is Supernatural, and the Winchesters never catch a break.

While exploring a town gripped by a ghost sickness, Dean begins fearing everything around him until it’s discovered that he has contracted the illness, as well.

With Bobby’s help, the boys investigate the cause of the illness, all while Dean tries to fight his ever-growing fear and imminent death.

No list of best Supernatural episodes would be complete without ‘Yellow Fever’. It’s hilarious and has produced the best GIFs from the show. Jensen Ackles is amazing in it—his comic timing is on point. And it ends with Ackles lip-syncing ‘Eye of the Tiger’. What’s not to love?

4. Best Supernatural episodes: The End

A lot was going down in Season 5—Lucifer was rising, the apocalypse was coming, and Dean was supposed to be archangel Michael’s vessel. Of course, Dean wanted nothing to do with archangels, which is why he had consistently refused the offer.

But Heaven was determined to make Dean see reason—so they sent him to the future. Dean found himself in a dystopian world already ravaged by the apocalypse where he had to face off against his older self.

The outcome was Dean being told that saying ‘yes’ to Michael was the best course of action. Dean is shown the consequences of denying Michael—the apocalypse is one, but worse, Sam is possessed by Lucifer.

It’s a terrifying future, and Jared Padalecki’s Samifer is both so unnervingly cold, yet beautiful that the audience is left in shock. This isn’t the future a fan would want for the Winchesters, but there also seems no way to avoid it.

This episode is all about the feels and fears of Supernatural—which is why it’s on our best of list.