20 of the ultimate fall TV shows available on streaming

Stranger Things - Season 3 (2019). Photo Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things - Season 3 (2019). Photo Credit: Netflix /
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12. Best fall TV shows: The Middle

As I mentioned before, I feel like most sitcoms fit into the fall season perfectly because sitcoms are such feel-good shows that excel at providing the warm and fuzzies. Sure, they’re mostly predictable, but that’s what makes them comforting. You know you probably won’t have to worry about your favorite characters dying. Plus, sitcoms make for perfect background TV while you’re busy working from home!

The Middle ran for nine seasons on ABC, yet somehow it never became as popular as Modern Family, despite being just as funny (sometimes even more so). The Middle‘s real strength was in its relatable characters. It centered on the middle-class Heck family, who often struggled to make ends meet. But the Heck’s handled the daily triumphs and defeats of classic American suburban living with humor.

Patricia Heaton of Everybody Loves Raymond fame and Neil Flynn from Scrubs co-starred as Frankie and Mike Heck. Their three kids, the troublemaking Axel, perpetually awkward Sue, and smart-but-quirky Brick, were played by Charlie McDermott, Eden Sher, and Atticus Shafer.

The Middle is available to rent or buy through digital retail services.

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LOS ANGELES – FEBRUARY 1: (from left to right) Actresses Alyssa Milano, Rose McGowan and Holly Marie Combs celebrate the WB’s “Charmed” 150th episode cake cutting (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images) /

11. Best fall TV shows: Charmed

While I enjoy the modern CW Charmed reboot quite a bit, it’s not quite as fall-like as the classic WB show starring Alyssa Milano, Shannon Doherty, Rose McGowan, and Holly Marie Combs. It seemed like the Halliwell sisters lived in perpetual autumn throughout the series.

Their classic ’90s home in San Francisco, along with their eclectic outfits, always seemed skewed toward autumn. Plus, witchcraft just screams autumn to me. If you like your fall vibes with a splash of spooky, then Charmed is the perfect pick!

Charmed is currently streaming on Netflix.