Mr. Robot, 12 Monkey & 7 shows like Utopia for fans to watch

Utopia - Courtesy of Elizabeth Morris / Amazon Studios
Utopia - Courtesy of Elizabeth Morris / Amazon Studios /
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Are you done watching Utopia Season 1 and searching for shows like Utopia to fill the void until we know if it’s renewed? This list should help you!

Are you finished watching Utopia Season 1 on Amazon? Are you searching for something new to watch while waiting for Season 2? It’s hard to find shows like Utopia because it’s such a unique series. Aside from the original British show, there aren’t many others like it.

From Mr. Robot to 12 Monkeys, here are six shows like Utopia.

That said, I did my best to find television shows that share similar traits. Some shows are similar storywise, while others share a similar tone. As we do not know if Amazon will renew Utopia, hopefully, this list will help to keep you busy in the meantime.

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7. Shows like Utopia: The Third Day

The Third Day is the newest series on this list. It only premiered on HBO earlier this month. But it shares an essential similarity with the original U.K. Utopia — its creator, Dennis Kelly. Kelly concocted a twisty, Wicker Man meets Midsommar story starring Jude Law and Naomie Harris for HBO.

Split into three distinct parts, The Third Day is about a mysterious island and the impact it has on visiting outsiders. In the first part, “Summer,” Sam (Law) must contend with a group of islanders who are willing to do whatever it takes to uphold their traditions.

For the “Autumn” portion of the production, audiences will get to see a one-off, twelve-hour live event on the island. It figures the same man who conceived Utopia would find another way to impress people with a strange and delightful idea. Producers describe the segment, which will consist of a single continuous take, as a “major immersive theater event.”

Finally, in the final episodes of the series, “Winter,” Harris will play a strong-willed outsider named Helen, whose arrival might decide the island’s fate.

The Third Day is streaming on HBO Max.