Mr. Robot, 12 Monkey & 7 shows like Utopia for fans to watch

Utopia - Courtesy of Elizabeth Morris / Amazon Studios
Utopia - Courtesy of Elizabeth Morris / Amazon Studios /
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6. Shows like Utopia: Sharp Objects

Like Utopia (U.S.), Sharp Objects is also a thriller written by Gillian Flynn. In this case, Flynn also created the story used as the source for this HBO miniseries, so it is her original work rather than a remake. Sharp Objects is more grounded than Utopia. It is a psychological drama with Southern Gothic elements. I selected Sharp Objects for this list because I think it is a better example of Flynn’s work, overall, than Utopia.

While I enjoyed Amazon’s Utopia, it lacked Flynn’s — usually exceptional — character work. In particular, Jessica Hyde was not as well-rendered as some of Flynn’s past character creations. Camille Preaker and Amy Dunne are far better examples of what she’s capable of when it comes to writing complicated, nuanced and villainous female characters.

In Sharp Objects, Amy Adams stars as crime reporter Camille Preaker. Camille is an alcoholic who recently left a psychiatric hospital where she received treatment for self-harming. She returns to her hometown of Wind Gap, Missouri, to investigate the murders of two young girls. Once home, Camille struggles to hold it together when confronted with her critical mother, Adora (Patricia Clarkson), and her past trauma.

Sharp Objects is streaming on HBO Max.

shows like Utopia
The Boys Season 2 — Courtesy of Jasper Savage/Amazon Prime Video /

5. Shows like Utopia: The Boys

Another Amazon Prime Video with comic books at its core, The Boys has been an enormous success for the streaming service. Like Utopia, it favors excessive violence, and often that violence veers toward the cartoonish side. Both shows are also black comedies and carefully navigate the line between the grotesque and humor.

That said, The Boys isn’t quite as somber in tone as Utopia is in certain moments. The violent and fight sequences are more plentiful in The Boys since it is a legitimate superhero series (albeit one unlike any other you’ve seen). It’s not as depressing as Utopia.

The Boys is based on the comic book of the same name and follows a group of vigilantes who make it their job to keep arrogant superheroes in line. In the show’s universe, superheroes are moneymakers working for a powerful corporation and often let the greed go to their heads, making many of them corrupt and cruel. It’s like suddenly living in a world where Superman turns into an egomaniac.

Amazon Prime has already renewed The Boys for Season 3 and ordered a spin-off series. The first season is now streaming on Prime Video, and the second season is currently releasing new episodes every week with the finale scheduled to air on Oct. 9.

The Boys is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.