‘Chambers,’ ‘Glitch,’ & the 8 most underrated scary shows on Netflix for Halloween season

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Scary shows on Netflix

VAN HELSING — “Metamorphosis” Episode 407 — Pictured: Kelly Overton as Vanessa Van Helsing — (Photo by: Dan Power/Nomadic Pictures Inc./SYFY)

Are you looking for something spooky and new to watch for Halloween season? Check out our list of eight underrated scary shows on Netflix!

It’s the spookiest time of the year! If you’re a big Halloween fan, then you might be in search of some extra-creepy horror shows to get you into the mood for Halloween.

Read on for eight underrated scary shows on Netflix!

There are plenty of classic horror shows available to stream on Netflix, such as Supernatural, American Horror Story and the new series Ratched, but we wanted to highlight some of the underrated scary shows on Netflix. These are series you might have bypassed or not even heard of before!

8. Scary shows on Netflix: Van Helsing

Van Helsing is a Syfy series inspired by Zenescope Entertainment’s graphic novel series Helsing. Set in a post-apocalyptic future, Kelly Overton plays the titular character Vanessa Van Helsing, a descendant of the iconic literary figure Abraham Van Helsing. The series begins when Vanessa awakes from a deep coma to find herself in a brand new world three years after the Yellowstone Caldera’s eruption.

The devastating natural disaster caused enough ash to block out the sunlight and create a new species of vampires who have since taken over the world and killed millions of humans. Vanessa is special because her blood is the cure, able to turn vampires into a human.

Her built-in cure makes her a primary target to the vampire race. It’ll be up to Vanessa, a Marine ordered to protect her and a dedicated to doctor to create a resistance in the hopes they can eliminate the plague of bloodsuckers devastating the remaining human population.

Syfy recently renewed Van Helsing for a fifth and final season. The series went back into production in late July and could potentially air new episodes before the end of 2020. Catch up now so you can watch the fifth season live!

7. Scary shows on Netflix: Two Sentence Horror Stories

Two Sentence Horror Stories is a horror anthology series currently airing on The CW. As the title suggests, each episode is a dramatization of a two-sentence horror story. Each episode is self-contained, so you don’t necessarily have to watch each one, but it’s short, terrifying and great for fans of similar shows like Creepshow, AHS or Channel Zero.

Before The CW adapted it into a full-length series, it began as a series of five short films. So far, only one nine-episode season has aired, but the second season is slated to debut sometime this fall. The network has already renewed it for a third season ahead of the Season 2 premiere.

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