Monsterland Season 2: Plot details, release date, & more

New horror anthology Monsterland seems to have become a success for Hulu. Here’s everything we know about a potential Monsterland Season 2 so far.

Hulu kicked off Halloween season with the arrival of horror anthology series Monsterland. Based on Nathan Ballingrud’s acclaimed short story collection North American Lake Monsters, viewers immediately binged and began dissecting the new series. Will Hulu decide to order Monsterland Season 2?

Officially, we do not have any new information about Monsterland. Hulu has not made any new announcements on its cancellation or renewal since the first season dropped last weekend.

Monsterland Season 2: Will it be renewed by Hulu?

Generally, streaming services like Hulu and Netflix take about a month to decide if a show has been successful enough to warrant a renewal. That gives the series time to become a buzz-worthy social media topic and suss out whether audiences actively enjoyed it enough to order more episodes.

Critics liked Monsterland for the most part, and while many of the episodes bamboozled viewers, most of the responses I’ve seen on social media have been positive.

Since it is October, audiences will actively seek out scary content to get them in the Halloween season mood. I would be surprised if Monsterland didn’t get healthy viewership numbers. Based on the feedback I’ve seen on our Monsterland articles on Show Snob, the series has attracted many eyeballs.

If I  had to guess, I would say Monsterland will get renewed. As it is an anthology series, it would be easy for Hulu to keep it going. I’m sure the writers have other stories in Ballingrud’s collection they could pull from, or potentially even from other works.

When could we expect Monsterland Season 2 to premiere?

If Hulu moves forward with Monsterland Season 2, I would imagine the streaming service will try to air it next October to keep it timed for their Huluween content. As shows are slowly starting to return to production, I don’t think that will be hard for Hulu to manage.

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Do you hope Monsterland Season 2 happens? What would you like to see happen in a potential second season?

The first season of Monsterland is now streaming on Hulu.