‘Transplant,’ ‘Coroner,’ & 12 acclaimed Canadian TV gems

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best Canadian shows

Coroner — “The Suburbs” — Image Number: COR107_1004r.jpg — Pictured: Serinda Swan as Dr. Jenny Cooper — Photo: © 2020 Muse Entertainment Enterprises, Inc.

What are some of the best Canadian shows out there? Check out our guide to 14 acclaimed Canadian TV gems!

In 2020, American networks have been pulling from other countries with increasing frequency due to the pandemic disrupting schedules. The CW has grabbed several Candian shows, which got me thinking about some of the best Canadian shows out there!

The massive television catalog available to any faithful viewer is daunting as it is, even if you’re just looking at the options from your own country. What about when you broaden that on an international scale?

Whether you’re looking for more medical dramas, police procedurals, sci-fi/fantasy or quirky comedies, there are tons of acclaimed Canadian gems available for U.S. audiences to watch.

The downside is, some of these shows aren’t available to stream (or they might have been at some point, but not anymore), but most can be purchased through digital retailers.

Plus, streaming libraries are constantly changing. What might not be streaming right now could pop up in a month or two, and now you’ll have a few shows to keep in your back pocket should they become available down the line!

Without further ado, check out these 14 awesome Canadian shows! (The following list is not in any particular order or ranking.)

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