The Walking Dead’s extended Season 10 returns in February 2021

The highly anticipated extended The Walking Dead Season 10 will return February 28, 2021, with six new episodes including “Here’s Negan”.

Time to mark your calendars! The Walking Dead Season 10 will be returning on February 28, 2021, with the long-awaited six new episodes of the extended tenth Season, according to a recent press release from AMC. Those who have AMC+ can begin watching the new episodes early beginning February 25th. Rumors and hints have been coming and going about each episode and we finally have confirmation!

First on the list is the confirmation of several new actors joining The Walking Dead family. These include Hilarie Burton Morgan as Lucille, Robert Patrick as Mays and Okea Eme-Akwari as Elijah. What will these six new episodes entail? Let’s find out!

The Walking Dead extended 10th Season Six New Episodes

  • Episode 1017 titled “Home Sweet Home” will focus on Maggie’s return. She and Daryl will be facing an unknown threat and once again Negan’s life may be in danger.
  • Episode 1018 titled “Find Me” will be a Daryl and Carol adventure as Daryl recounts when he left the group after Rick’s disappearance.
  • Episode 1019 titled “One More” has Father Gabriel and Aaron searching for supplies but finding themselves tested when tragedies occur.
  • Episode 1020 titled “Splinter” takes us right where we left off with Eugene, King Ezekiel, Yumiko and The Princess during the Season 10 finale. Looks like we will getting a closer look at The Princess’s past.
  • Episode 1021 titled “Diverged” Daryl and Carol decide to separate. However, their journeys become difficult and their friendship hangs in the balance.
  • Episode 1022 titled “Here’s Negan” has Carol and Negan getting away from the group where Negan thinks back on past events to try to figure out his future.

These episodes sound very promising and leave a lot of unanswered questions. How will Daryl and Carol’s friendship survive?

Will Maggie and Negan find some common ground? Are Eugene and his friends in danger? What will happen to Father Gabriel and Aaron? If there is one thing The Walking Dead continues to do well it’s great storytelling with an equally great cast.

The Walking Dead’s extended 10th Season of Six Episodes premieres on Sunday, February 28th on AMC.