B Positive Episode 3: How does Drew adjust to Gina as a roommate?

Drew is forced to adjust to life with Gina as a roommate in B Positive Episode 3, including living with a giant dog named Cannoli.

Now that Gina has officially moved in with Drew, he’s in for a serious adjustment period. In B Positive Episode 3, “Foreign Bodies,” Drew quickly realizes that living with Gina will entail a lot of quirks, like a giant dog named Cannoli (that dog is HUGE) and frequently discovering Gina’s crocs in the dishwasher.

Cannoli introduces himself to Drew by fervently licking his face first thing in the morning. Gina is training Cannoli for a friend. “You’re a dog trainer now?” “For 300 dollars a week, I’m anything you want me to be.”  Cannoli’s presence makes Drew realize they need some serious boundaries between them. Along with the dog, Gina has also parked a massive fermenter in the driveway. She makes beer, artisanal. So along with being a dog trainer, she’s also a bootlegger. “And a licensed body piercer — waist-up only.”

Drew can hardly wait to get to dialysis and complain about his new living environment. But he’s not met with any sympathy from his new friends, who would love to trade places with him and have a legitimate donor waiting in the wings. The nurse tells Drew he needs to realize he’s not just rooming with a kidney, but an actual human.

Back at Drew’s house, Julia stops by and comes face-to-face with Gina. Initially, she thinks Gina might be Drew’s new girlfriend.  Gina, unaware that Julia is still in the dark, lets it slip that she’s Drew’s kidney donor.

When Drew gets home, he finds Julia and Gina in the kitchen waiting for him. He’s forced to tell his ex-wife the truth. Julia seems relatively okay with everything, although she does wonder why Drew didn’t ask her first. He says it’s because of their daughter and because Julia has actively disliked him for a while now.

B Positive Episode 3

B Positive Episode 3 — Pictured (L-R): Sara Rue as Julia and Thomas Middleditch as Drew. Photo: Michael Yarish/CBS ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Telling Maddie is more difficult than telling his ex-wife. He takes her for a “cappuccino” and lets her know what’s going on. “I have the best doctor. And I know everybody says that. I mean, no one ever goes, ‘I got this really mediocre doctor, but he gave me a great price.’ This guy really is the best. They call him the ‘Kidney King,’ in the photo, he had a crown and everything, so.”

Maddie wants to know if Drew could die. He promises her that won’t happen and notes that maybe one day she’ll be like Gina and want to do something nice for a friend, maybe her pal Sofie. “Sofie didn’t invite me to her birthday, so she can suck it.”

At the retirement home, Gina vents to Norma. She wants to have a close friendship with Drew like she’s seen happen with other people who donate their kidneys. Norma tells Gina to adjust her expectations and regard the entire thing as “purely transactional.” “The guy needs a kidney. You offered him one. He never said let’s be friends.”

Later, Drew enjoys a solitary dinner (well, with Cannoli waiting for scraps) and lets Julia know things went okay with Maddie when Julia texts him for an update. Gina arrives home shortly after. “I complained about you to my elderly friends. It was fun.” “Well, I complained about you to my dialysis friends, so checkmate.” Gina is curious how things went with Maddie too, but Drew asks her not to get involved and let him handle it.

B Positive Episode 3

B Positive Episode 3 — Pictured (L-R): Annaleigh Ashford as Gina. Photo: Michael Yarish/CBS ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

As for Maddie, Drew thinks she’s in her room “processing” everything. In reality, she’s researching the survival rate of kidney transplants. Since Gina isn’t very good at respecting boundaries, she scales the side of the house and climbs in Maddie’s window to introduce herself. Maddie confesses to Gina that she’s afraid of her dad dying.

“He could die.” “He could. And I could die. And so could you if you keep letting strangers come in through your window.”

Maddie says she wishes her dad had told her the truth, and Gina tells her that he is doing all of this for her so that he can stay alive for his daughter. The scene between Gina and Maddie is sweet. It’s a good way to set a foundation between the two women in Drew’s life as Gina offers her some words of comfort. Before leaving through the window again, Gina asks Maddie to keep their meeting a secret since Drew doesn’t like it when she gets too involved. “You’re giving him a kidney. I think you’re involved.”

In the final moments of the episode, Drew joins Gina in making a TikTok video. From her bedroom, Maddie watches it, “I’m gonna have to change my last name.”

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