Netflix’s V-Wars Season 1, Episode 9 recap: The Junkie Run of the Predator Gene

Episode 9 of Netflix series V Wars is engaging, though at times confusing, as the plot (and blood) continues to thicken.

Episode 9 of V-Wars continues with Dr. Luther Swann (Ian Somerhalder) at a protest where he’s testifying about anti-Blood detention centers. Although Swann’s initially intimidated by DNS leader Calix Niklos (Peter Outerbridge), who is ominous with Swann’s ex-wife, Rachel (Nikki Reed). However, Niklos’ strategy fails as Swann points it out to the press and begins badmouthing the DNS and the detention centers, proclaiming that the agency wants a war between humans and Bloods. By the time he accuses Niklos of killing fellow DNS Agent Claire O’Hagan (Kandyse McClure), Niklos has pretty much vacated the room.

Meanwhile, at the Bloods HQ, Michael Fayne (Adrian Holmes) tells fellow vamp Ava O’Malley (Sydney Meyer) to be calm as they plan their next move. Danika Dubov (Kimberly-Sue Murray) mentions utilizing the US President’s party girl daughter (Brittany Raymond). In little time at all, they head to a party where she’s at, seduce her, and infect her. The idea might be to show that even people in power are vulnerable to becoming vampires — Bloods or otherwise.
she wants to infect her, Fayne does so at a party

V-Wars Episode 9 recap:: What’s in the Senator’s basement?

With Rachel on the run for killing a DNS agent, Dez (Kyle Breitkopf) is relatively safe at the secret home of Senator Sasha Giroux (Laura de Carteret). Or is he? He and the Senator’s child, Amélie (Sarah Abbott), go to the basement to investigate a strange growling sound, only to find some animal corpse. As they try to find whatever’s lurking in the basement, Dr. Swann and the Senator discuss creating blood substitutes for vampire food, so they no longer go around slaying regular humans.

We also see a quick scene where Ava kills some guy who’s concocted a drug that hurts vampires. Bloodshed aside, V-Wars still tackles a possible truce between humans and vamps, as Dr. Swann continues to negotiate with Fayne, who didn’t trust politicians even before becoming a Blood. As loose-fitting leverage, blogger/journalist Kaylee Vo (Jacky Lai) is to be held hostage by Fayne and the Bloods, though she is being protected by the FBI’s Jimmy Saint (Michael Greyeyes).

V-Wars Episode 9 recap: The negotiation

Fayne and Dr. Swann are quick to reach certain agreements, such as scrapping the Nazi-like internment camps. In fact, the two even seem to agree on some “stand-your-ground laws” on a cross-species basis, provided blood substitutes are available. However, drama creeps in outside as Jimmy Saint confronts someone who wrongly believes Jimmy is a vampire, and he is wounded in the ensuing fight. Fresh out of alternatives, Kaylee drives Jimmy to the hospital.

Elsewhere, Senator Giroux learns that DNS leader Calix Niklos (Peter Outerbridge) has been nixed from all public records, suggesting a secret, lingering threat. A bit later, Giroux downplays Dez’s theory of a vampire in her basement. It does, however, become very apparent that her daughter, Amélie Giroux (Sarah Abbott) is a vampire. Then comes a really confusing part.

V-Wars Episode 9 recap: Jimmy Saint dies…or does he?

V-Wars does have confusing moments, such as when Jimmy Saint apparently dies, only to somehow be resurrected moments later. Is he really alive or what his death a mere hallucination? As the episode winds down we see Michael Fayne is also getting sick, though he urges Dr. Swann to announce their deal and be a hero. As a final perplexing moment, we see that Calix Niklos is undergoing some sort of treatment, but we don’t quite know what for.

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