Is there going to be another season of Amazon’s Utopia remake?

Amazon has decided to cancel their Utopia remake after only one season. Utopia Season 2 will not be happening at the streamer.

According to TVLine, Amazon has canceled its remake of Utopia after only one season. The Gillian Flynn-written series will not return. Many fans have been expectantly waiting for news on Utopia Season 2, especially since the first season ended with so many unresolved questions and new mysteries. Sadly, it looks like the American Utopia will be ending after only a brief run — similar to the original U.K. series which only ran for two seasons.

However, the key difference between the two iterations is fan and critical reception. While the original show was much beloved by its audience and went on to garner a huge, devoted cult following, the American version was poorly received upon its debut.

Critics hated it and fans weren’t thrilled with what they viewed as a desecration of the original series. I’m assuming both of these factors might have translated to poor viewership. A lot of people weren’t thrilled by the early death of Jessica Rothe’s character Sam,  either.

Considering the poor feedback, I  wouldn’t count on Utopia Season 2 finding a new home on another streamer. It just doesn’t seem likely. If there was a devoted following,  even if it were small, then the odds would be stronger but that isn’t really the case for this series which remained under the radar since its debut.

Another thing working against Amazon’s Utopia is the content. Since the first season largely revolved around a deadly pandemic and vaccine controversy, many felt it was the wrong time for Amazon to release the series and that might have pushed people away from watching it if it felt too similar to our current real-life predicament.

Thus far Amazon hasn’t released an official statement as to why they scrapped the show, but TVLine did receive confirmation from a rep at the streaming service.

Are you disappointed that Utopia was canceled? Were you hoping to see Utopia Season 2? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

The first season of Utopia is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.