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Paul Bettany is Vision and Elizabeth Olsen is Wanda Maximoff in Marvel Studios' WANDAVISION, exclusively on Disney+.
Paul Bettany is Vision and Elizabeth Olsen is Wanda Maximoff in Marvel Studios' WANDAVISION, exclusively on Disney+. /
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WandaVision, a new Marvel show
WandaVision, a new Marvel show /

Marvel Disney Plus: Breaking down the new WandaVision trailer

Fans have been waiting for the Marvel shows to stream on Disney Plus, but due to the global pandemic, production and shooting was delayed on almost all of them.

WandaVision will finally be streaming in 2021, and the latest trailer gave viewers a glimpse into the weird world of the show. The trailer hints that someone—or something—is pulling Wanda Maximoff’s (Elizabeth Olsen) strings, making her create a sitcom life for herself and Vision (Paul Bettany).

The show is hailed as bringing forth “a new age of television”—this finally explains the weird title, WandaVision. It’s less a couple name, and more the kind of television story these two characters have been drawn into.

Wanda is living a seemingly idyllic life with her husband Vision, but why is she trapped in the drudgery of domesticity, all while she still has access to her superpowers? It’s also evident that Wanda goes through several different television eras, starting from the 1950s to the present.

We knew this series was going to be quirky, but the trailer came across as eerie and frightening. The characters are all puppets but seem to gain consciousness from time to time, as we saw with Teyonah Parris’ Monica Rambeau.

What’s worse is, Wanda needs to snap out of this, but reality may be more distressing to her since Vision is dead.

Wanda does have someone looking out for her, though. Was that Randall Park’s Agent Jimmy Woo calling from the other side and later coming to her rescue? Kathryn Hahn’s ‘nosy neighbor’ featured heavily in the trailer and also looks to be a victim to this charade. But who is she, really?

Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings) makes a long-awaited comeback, but there were no hints as to how she’s connected to Wanda and Vision.

The footage shared wasn’t all eccentric; there appear to be some real stakes involved in the little town that Wanda and Vision live in. We foresee plenty of action set pieces closer to the end of the series.

The series was confirmed to tie into the Marvel film, Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness. So, is Wanda traveling through the multiverse in WandaVision? We will find out on January 15, 2021.