Tiny Pretty Things Episode 2 recap: Who got the lead in Ripper?


Bette takes extreme measures to hide her injury in Tiny Pretty Things Episode 2.

Tiny Pretty Things Episode 2, “Range of Motion,” opens with a heated discussion between ballet instructor Topher Brooks (Shaun Benson), Monique and Roman. Topher and Monique aren’t on board with his risqué, scandalous plans for a Jack the Ripper-style ballet titled Ripper. Topher storms out of the meeting when it becomes obvious that Monique will cave to Roman’s demands. The dancers feel the brunt of their instructor’s aggravation.

Outside of the classroom, Neveah is looking forward to continuing her partnership with Oren. They impressed Rowan previously, and she wants to ensure she’s working with someone on her level. On the other side of the school, Bette gets her feet examined by the school’s physician, Alan (Morgan Kelly). She has some serious issues with her feet, including a swollen Achilles. It’s one of the reasons she fell during the class. Bette tries to pretend that everything is fine despite her obvious physical troubles.

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Bette doesn’t panic over Alan’s diagnosis because she can regularly get pain pills from her mother. Bette throws a fit at dinner with her mother, Archer School chairwoman Katrina Whitlaw (Michelle Nolden) and Delia. Katrina ultimately caves and gives Bette Percocet to manage her pain. While I’m no fan of Bette’s character, it’s hard not to feel sorry for her when she has such a toxic relationship with her mother.

Ramon shortlists Neveah, June, their partners and several other girls. Blatantly missing from that list? Bette. She has a meltdown and lashes out, calling June horrible in front of everyone. At lunch, Bette apologizes to June and subtly manipulates her into hating Neveah instead, blaming her for honing in on their months of hard work as a newcomer.

During the first rehearsal with Ramon, Neveah and Oren don’t excel the same way they did the first time he saw her perform. Ramon calls her out for inconsistency. She can’t be phenomenal one day and a trainwreck the next. It’s harsh. He elects June and Nabil to do the excerpt dance for the school board so they can get a taste of Ripper before officially signing off. If they don’t completely mess up, then they might even get the leads.

Before rehearsal starts, Neveah frantically searches her bag for something — at first, I thought it was her ballet flats, but it turns out she’s missing her beloved music box ballerina that she always rubs before dancing for good luck. It’s the only thing she has to hold onto from her mother, and it’s part of an important ritual she does to center herself before dancing. She’s devasted by its loss and immediately pinpoints June as the culprit since she was the only one who knew about its importance to her. But June denies having taken it.

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That night, Neveah and Oren go out to a nightclub to blow off some steam and loosen up. They think they were focusing too much on trying to get the choreography right instead of just dancing it. They’re joined by Shane, June, Nabil, Caleb and Bette for a night out. Oren and Bette slip off to have sex in a back room at the club. There, Bette coaxes Oren into teaching the Ripper choreography to her and Shane. On the way back to the school, the dancers run into a group of teens who instigate a fight with the group. They get beaten badly by the ASB students.

A panicked June calls 911 to end the conflict, and Officer Cruz shows up after it ends. She uses the instant to ask Neveah about the white rose she received. Neveah is pissed that June told the policewoman because she doesn’t like talking to cops, and she already believes June stole her ballerina. She tells Cruz to talk to her “source” again because June previously revealed that she saw all kinds of stuff the night Cassie was pushed, even though she told Cruz she was sound asleep during the party.

Back at the school, Neveah loses her cool on June and yanks her out of the showers, buck naked to drag her back to their room. She yells at her for talking to Cruz and accuses her of stealing the ballerina again. This time, Neveah finds her good luck charm tucked inside June’s record player, seemingly confirming her theory. But June remains adamant that she didn’t put it there. I believe her. I don’t think June has the guts to do anything that daring. Bette, on the other hand…

The fight gets Neveah in deep trouble with Monique, who tells her the act will result in her losing out on solo opportunities, and who knows what else. But she’s interrupted when her assistant shows her the newspaper article about Neveah that labels her an up-and-coming star at the school. Now it would look bad if they suddenly kicked her out.

Tiny Pretty Things Episode 2: Bette stabs June in the back to get her shot at the lead in Ripper.

Tiny Pretty Things Episode 2 continues with prep for Ripper, June and Nabil are doing some last-minute preparation for their dance in front of the board. They get stuck on the roof when the door shuts and mysteriously gets jammed, making them late for the performance. How convenient that Bette and Shane just happen to be waiting in the wings to perform. They excel at the dance and do a beautiful job, landing them the ballet’s lead parts.

June and Nabil finally get freed, but by the time they arrive, it’s too late. June watches tearfully as Bette and Shane perform. Later, Bette tries to blame Neveah for jamming the door. For some reason, June believes her. If Neveah was the one who jammed the door, don’t you think it would have been her that showed up to take her place for Ramon? Don’t be an idiot, June.

We get confirmation that it was Bette in the final moments of Tiny Pretty Things Episode 2. The guy the dancers fought with the outside of the nightclub actually does mechanical work around the city. He is the one who installed the special new timelock doors at the school in light of Cassie’s incident. Bette tries to pay him off for jamming the door and locking Nabil and June on the roof. Having taken a liking to Bette, he suggests she see his band perform sometime instead of paying him back.

Despite Bette landing the lead in Ripper, it’s not 100% certain she’ll actually get to perform. Alan notices some issues that only a physician would see when she’s dancing, and he reminds her that he has the final say on whether dancers are allowed to perform. He calls her out on being a good liar, but she has a fracture and some other serious health issues going on with her feet. Will Alan make it impossible for Bette to perform the lead?

As for June, she might not have to worry about anything related to the school much longer as she returns to her dorm to find her mother packing her things. Since she didn’t get the lead role, her mom is pulling her out to pursue what she deems more worthwhile endeavors.

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