14 TV show cancellations in 2020 that hurt the most

Photo: Jackie Tohn, Marianna Palka, Rebekka Johnson.. GLOW: Season 3.. Credit: Ali Goldstein/Netflix
Photo: Jackie Tohn, Marianna Palka, Rebekka Johnson.. GLOW: Season 3.. Credit: Ali Goldstein/Netflix /
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Photo: Ellen Wong, Marianna Palka, Shakira Barrera, Sunita Mani, Kate Nash, Britney Young, Kimmy Gatewood, Rebekka Johnson. GLOW: Season 3. Credit: Ali Goldstein/Netflix /

10. Canceled TV shows: GLOW

This critically-acclaimed Netflix drama about female wrestling was a particularly painful cancellation for fans because GLOW had already received a renewal for a fourth and final season. Because of high COVID-19-related production costs when filming resumed, the Netflix brass opted not to move forward with the last season despite the fact they had already shot some of it.

The pandemic created a rare instance where several networks and streaming services were reversing renewals, and GLOW happened to fall into that category. It’s particularly surprising that Netflix has left fans in the lurch because the show was so successful for the streaming service, raking in multiple awards and nominations. One would think they would at least give the series a wrap-up film of some sort to bring closure to the story.

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9. Canceled TV shows: God Friended Me

God Friended Me instantly found itself a devoted following after it debuted on CBS in 2018. The comedy-drama followed Miles Finer, an outspoken atheist and avid podcaster who is sent a mysterious friend request on Facebook from someone claiming to be God. Miles starts to listen to their suggestions and begins helping people in town while simultaneously trying to find out who is really behind the account.

God Friended Me ran for two seasons before being canceled in April of this year. The series briefly suspended production in March, but most expected it to receive a third season. While God Friended Me did okay in the ratings, its Live+7 DVR playback was minimal compared to the other scripted CBS programs. Still, it was a heartwarming series that many fans were sad to see go.