Equinox ending explained: What really happened to Ida & Astrid?

Equinox -- Photo Credit: Tine Harden/Netflix
Equinox -- Photo Credit: Tine Harden/Netflix /
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Equinox ending explained
Equinox ending explained — Photo Credit: Tine Harden/Netflix /

Equinox ending explained: Breaking down the folk tale and what happened to Astrid and Ida.

If you, like me, went into Equinox expecting a paint-by-numbers mystery-thriller,  you might be surprised that you walked out of the other side having just set through an eerie, disturbing Easter Bunny origin story with some Midsommar vibes. In this post, I’ll break down the series to the best of my ability so you can walk away feeling as if you have the entire Equinox ending explained.

Let’s start by quickly discussing the “Easter Bunny” story I mentioned above, as it’s pivotal to this entire series — which wound up being a fascinating, haunting folk tale. The Easter Bunny’s real origins are conflicting, but many revolve around the fertility (or virginity, depending on the story) goddess Ostara. For this article, I’m sticking with what Equinox tells us rather than all of the other stories that have been circulating for God knows how long.

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Astrid grew up being told the story of Ostara as a bedtime story by her father. In it, the goddess of spring, Ostara, had a bird companion that traveled everywhere with her. They were best friends. But in the Year of the Hare, everything changed for the pair. Ostara and the bird visited a meadow and met the Hare King.

The Hare King took one look at the bird and fell madly in love. Ostara decided to leave, but the bird stayed behind to be with the Hare King. One day, Ostara returned to the meadow and found bird eggs which hatched into rabbits. And thus, the story of the Easter Bunny was borne. So, how does that relate to Equinox and the characters of Astrid and Ida? Well, prepare for a wild ride.