Equinox ending explained: What really happened to Ida & Astrid?

Equinox -- Photo Credit: Tine Harden/Netflix
Equinox -- Photo Credit: Tine Harden/Netflix /
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Equinox ending explained
Equinox ending explained — Photo Credit: Tine Harden/Netflix /

Equinox ending explained: Astrid was the real Ostara, and Ida might have been her ‘bird.’

So, how does Astrid tie into this entire thing? Well, based on my personal interpretation of the ending, I think Astrid was the real Ostara that the Hare King was meant to fall in love with. For starters, we learn that Lene and Dennis got Astrid when she was only two weeks old. It’s never explained how she came into their lives. It seems like Astrid and Ida were always meant to be together, though.

Lene notes that even though Astrid and Ida were not actually sisters, they did have a “special connection.” And when Astrid meets Henrik, she’s immediately attracted to him, stays overnight at his house, and even fantasizes about him while pleasuring herself.

In the final episode, Astrid discovers that it has been 21 years since Ida went missing, and the Hare King always comes on the 21st cycle. Collecting all the clues and various pieces, Astrid learns that the Hare King/Henrik expects to take her on that year’s fall equinox.

Astrid goes to the island to meet him there. She walks straight into his den and sees Henrik there, in the center, standing near the stump where he and Ida had sex all those years ago. Astrid returns his grimoire and then sacrifices herself, freeing Ida in the process. When Henrik looks into Astrid’s eyes, he sees a bird reflected at him, and we know in the story the Hare King loved the bird. That part threw me a little, but perhaps it means Ostara/the bird are one in the same?

Astrid hears the Hare King whisper “Ostara” moments after she meets him in the woods and when she walks toward him a flower blossoms in her wake, indicating she truly is the fertility goddess. Ida is also heavily associated with bird imagery, including the feathered outfit she wore when first meeting the Hare King, the bird skeleton she kept, and even the hare/bird poster in her bedroom.

According to one fable, “To amuse children, Eostre [Ostara] changed her pet bird into a hare that layed brightly colored eggs which the goddess gave to the children,” so make of that what you will.

Ultimately, Ida and Astrid travel together to be with the Hare King as Astrid’s sacrifice frees her sister from that horrific den, but she decides to stay with her this time. In the fairy tale, Ostara and the bird parted ways because of the Hare King, but now it looks like they’ll all be together forever.