The Boys Season 2 recap: Episode 7, Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker

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The Boys Season 2 - Courtesy of Amazon Studios /

In The Boys Season 2, Episode 7 there’s an explosive hearing on Compound V.

Previously on The Boys, Stormfront (Aya Cash) continued building her twisted relationship with Homelander (Antony Starr), clarifying her vision of racial and cultural supremacy in the process.  The Boys Season 2, Episode 7 ventures further down that road, albeit in a more public manner.  She warns a crowd about dangerous immigrant super terrorists.  Along with Homelander, they have a rallying cry of “Keep America safe again.”

Of course, for PR purposes, she is careful to feign sympathy over the murder of cashier Kuldeep Singh (Kris Siddiqi) by Tommy Peterson (Charley Koontz), a character inspired to murder by racist/xenophobic media talking points.

During these troubling events, Hughie (Jack Quaid), Lisa (Perrie Voss), and Grace Mallory (Laila Robins) are preparing a message to speak against Vought International during a hearing. Also, Starlight (Erin Moriarty) meets with her mom (Ann Cusack).  Starlight challenges her about injecting her with Compound V, adding that, in reality, “The good guys don’t win, the bad guys don’t get punished.”

The Boys Season 2, Episode 7 recap: The Boys fight Black Noir again…setting up the final showdown?

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Quite unexpectedly, The Seven’s Black Noir (Nathan Mitchell) swoops in again, attacking and kidnapping Starlight and her mother and prompting an eventual showdown/rescue operation.

However, before that happens, we see Hughie essentially babysit Lamplighter (Shawn Ashmore), and Hughie reluctantly must awkwardly watch every flavor and variety of The Seven-themed superhero parody porn.

As another surprise, Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) meets with his mom, Connie (Lesley Nicol), after being told that his father (John Noble) died.  It turns out the man isn’t dead, and they end up getting into a volatile fight.

Meanwhile, at a Homelander rally, he refers to “godless,” inhuman supervillains, and declares Congresswoman Victoria Neuman (Claudia Doumit) an “SJW” for challenging Vought and The Seven over Compound V.  Homelander also “boldly” advocates creating more supes (and I say boldly sarcastically because, let’s not forget, Homelander is so powerful he can get away with saying almost anything he wants, only holding back here because he’s self-absorbed and therefore still image-conscious).

The Boys Season 2, Episode 7 recap: Starlight in the tower/Ryan’s life a lie?

After Homelander calls Starlight a “mole,” it comes off as a justification for her kidnapping.  We soon learn she is being held in room “42D” of Vought’s building, which is considered a nearly supe-proof part of the tower.  Homelander wants to kill Starlight but Stormfront wants her as a common enemy to rally “the base” against.  After that tactical discussion, Homelander and Stormfront go to visit Becca Butcher (Shantel VanSanten) and Homelander’s biological son, Ryan (Cameron Crovetti).

It turns out Homelander is there to wrest custody away from Becca.  They offer Ryan special perks like riding Homelander’s rollercoaster whenever he wants, and also expose Ryan and Becca’s entire life as a lie (they were previously hidden away to be protected from Homelander).  After Becca is left alone, there’s another separation scene:  Elena (Nicola Correia-Damude) leaves Queen Maeve (Dominique McElligott) for failing to rescue passengers on a commercial flight whose rescue was doomed by the unheroic Homelander.

The Boys Season 2, Episode 7 recap: Showdown at Vought

Grace Mallory and The Boys’ “Mother’s Milk” (or “MM,” played by Laz Alonso) visit Vought scientist Jonah Vogelbaum (John Doman) to pressure him into testifying before Congress.  Also, during a moment of privacy, Mallory urges MM to leave The Boys behind and take care of his family while he still can.  Later, Billy Butcher pays a separate visit to Dr. Vogelbaum, threatening to kill the man’s family if he doesn’t play ball (so to speak).

Next, Hughie and Lamplighter begin their rescue of Starlight, which is surprisingly easy because Lamplighter is still allowed entry into the Vought building.  However, things escalate quickly when Lamplighter uses his pyrokinesis to burn himself to death (!) and set off their sprinkler system as a distraction.

Starlight actually sort of frees herself with the electricity tied to the emergency response system, blowing the supposedly impenetrable door off.  Also, to maneuver around the building to find her, Hughie awkwardly makes use of Lamplighter’s severed hand for fingerprint ID theft purposes.

It’s not over yet, though, as Starlight ends up battling Black Noir.  Fortunately, Queen Maeve shows up to save her, interestingly, by force-feeding him a certain candy bar with almonds. It turns out Black Noir has a tree nut allergy, so he might now be dead (killing off a character while also doing product placement).  As this is happening, Hughie uses Lamplighter’s arm to free Starlight’s mom.

The Boys Season 2, Episode 7 recap: Congress goes haywire

After this scene, we finally get to the Congressional hearing, complete with testimony from Jonah Vogelbaum.  Unfortunately, many heads begin inexplicably exploding explode at the hearing, including his!  This episode also contains a few conciliatory moments between The Deep (Chace Crawford) and A-Train (Jessie T. Usher).  After receiving a fish from A-Train, The Deep seems more positive toward him.  However, the Church of the Collective raises A-Train’s eyebrow a bit after they tell him he must sever contact with Eagle the Archer (Langston Kerman).

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