CBS releases official trailer for Clarice

Clarice CBS finally gets a haunting new trailer.

We’re one month away from the series premiere of Clarice CBS, a new series that functions as a follow-up to the acclaimed film (and novel) Silence of the Lambs. CBS has finally released a chilling two-minute trailer introducing us to this new version of Clarice Starling, played by Rebecca Breeds of The Originals fame.

“You are a woman with a very public reputation for hunting monsters. It’s time you own that reputation. It’s time to come out of hiding, Starling.”

The trailer opens to Brandi Carlile’s fittingly somber cover of “Take Me Home, Country  Roads” by John Denver, as we learn that Clarice is finally returning to her native West Virginia one year after the events of Silence of the Lambs. Since that time, Clarice has remained haunted by what happened to her and her near-brush with death at the hands of notorious serial killer Buffalo Bill.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the series will also include additional characters from the movie, like Clarice’s FBI colleague Ardelia Mapp (Devyn Tyler) and kidnapping survivor Catherine Martin (Marnee Carpenter). The series also stars Lucca De Oliveira, Kal Penn, Nick Sandow and Michael Cudlitz.

Now that she’s returned to WV, Clarice will have to reacclimate herself with the world she left behind as she begins to hunt down the worst-of-the-worst yet again.

The trailer draws some comparisons to NBC’s short-lived by popular series Hannibal, with a similar morose tone and grisly images. It remains to be seen how similar or dissimilar the two shows will be.

In a separate interview with Entertainment Weekly, producers revealed that they wouldn’t even mention the name “Hannibal Lecter” on the show, which is probably for the best. They also added that the first season would not have a traditional serial killer, but instead “a more expanded, nuanced, complicated, and topical version of a serial killer.”

Check out the official trailer for yourself below:

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Clarice premieres on February 11 on CBS.