How to watch 30 Coins Episode 4 tonight live on HBO

Eduard Fernández in 30 Coins Episode 4 -- Photograph by Courtesy of HBO
Eduard Fernández in 30 Coins Episode 4 -- Photograph by Courtesy of HBO /

How can you watch 30 Coins Episode 4, “Memories,” tonight on HBO?

In the last episode of 30 Coins, Father Vergara, Elena, and Paco were forced to contend with a  strange supernatural mirror, and we finally learned more about the coins and their purpose. In 30 Coins Episode 4, Father Vergara will return to Rome to contend with his past.

The new episode tonight marks the half-way point in the show’s first season, so I expect things might get a little intense as it’s technically the midseason finale!

Read the official synopsis for 30 Coins Episode 4 below:

"Father Vergara leaves for Rome to face his painful past, and though he requests a meeting with the Pope, he discovers that Santoro is waiting; someone in Pedraza is about to return from the dead."

When does 30 Coins Episode 4 come out?

The fourth episode of this popular Spanish horror series will air tonight, January 18, at 9:00 p.m. ET, with new episodes releasing on Monday nights through February.

When will new episodes of 30 Coins on HBO?

According to the upcoming listings decreed by TV Guide, new episodes of the eight-part drama are scheduled to release on Monday nights throughout the next several weeks.

  • Episode 5: “The Double,” to air Jan. 25
  • Episode 6: “Holy War,” airdate TBA
  • Episode 7: “The Glass Box,” airdate TBA
  • Episode 8: “Sacrificio,” airdate TBA

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How can you get access to HBO?

If you have cable, you can access HBO via your service provider as a premium upcharge and add-on channel. For cord-cutters, HBO Max is your best bet. Apart from granting you access to everything on HBO, you’ll also be able to watch all Max Originals.

HBO Max costs $14.99/monthly, or you can take advantage of their limited-time offer to save over 20% for 6 months when you prepay $69.99, plus applicable tax, for the year. The offer is only until March 1, 2021.

For those who subscribe to streaming television services like YouTube TV, Hulu Live, Sling TV, etc., or Amazon Prime Video, you can purchase HBO as an add-on channel. Most HBO Max providers no longer offer free trials, unfortunately.

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Don’t miss out on 30 Coins Episode 4 tonight on HBO at 9:00 p.m. ET.