Losing Alice Episode 2 recap: What happened to Director Hilik?

Lihi Kornowski and Ayelet Zurer in “Losing Alice,” premiering globally on Apple TV+ on January 22, 2021. Image courtesy Apple TV+
Lihi Kornowski and Ayelet Zurer in “Losing Alice,” premiering globally on Apple TV+ on January 22, 2021. Image courtesy Apple TV+ /

Losing Alice Episode 2, “The Visit,” sees Sophie intruding on David and Alice’s life as she shows up unannounced. The episode begins with David reading a bad review of his latest film to Alice. Then their morning is interrupted by Sophie’s arrival.

Alice is surprised to see her there, but she claims she set up a meeting with David at his film premiere the night before. David has no memory of making a “concrete” plan, but Sophie is here, so they chat, briefly addressing the problem they have with the director still missing.

When it comes time for Sophie to leave, Alice volunteers to drive her down to the train station. On the way, they discuss Sophie’s film and her lack of director. Sophie admits that Alice was her first choice, but David made it seem like she wouldn’t be interested in taking on the project. We already know Alice is thoroughly intrigued, so she tells Sophie that she will discuss it with her husband. Sophie is thrilled.

After exiting Alice’s car, Alice watches as Sophie meets up with an older man and provocatively dances for him before slipping onto the back of his motorcycle. In the car, they mention another element of her script, Room 209. One of the key plotlines is that the main girl kills her friend to continue the relationship with her father. Later, Alice looks through more of Sophie’s photographs, and several show her with the older man and another girl. Could Sophie have written reality into her script?

Losing Alice Episode 2
Losing Alice Episode 2. Gal Toren and Ayelet Zurer, premiering globally on Apple TV+ on January 22. /

Losing Alice Episode 2 recap: Why doesn’t David want Alice to direct the film?

Since David is the leading actor in the movie, one would expect that he’d like to have his wife as the director, but that’s not the case. That night while driving,  they’re forced to pull over due to a flat tire. Alice takes the opportunity to confront David about why he didn’t ask her about directing the movie. He immediately jumps all over her for trying to overstep.

Part of the reason is likely due to the sexual nature of the movie. It might be awkward for David to have his wife directing racy sex scenes with another woman. But Alice is totally enthralled with this script, and she wants to direct it. Their argument starts to get heated, but they’re interrupted by a wild boar before they can find any common ground.  David urges Alice to retreat with him back into the safety of the car.

At home, Alice continues to obsess over Sophie. She fantasizes about David and Sophie having sex while filming the movie and seems to become aroused by the idea and shows off a little in the window — knowing Tamir is likely watching.

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The next day, Alice and David host a birthday party for one of their daughters. The neighbors attend, and so does Sophie. Alice and Tamir have another sexually-charged conversation. Tamir tells Alice that the reason David probably doesn’t want his wife on the set is that it would be awkward due to the film’s erotic nature. He also hints at seeing her in the window the night before.

When Alice and David discuss the film again, she tells him that she isn’t trying to overstep. She genuinely wants to create again. Plus, it wouldn’t hurt to have two incomes.

As for Sophie, her gift to Alice’s daughter is cutting her bangs and giving her a makeover. Alice is clearly not thrilled, but they’re interrupted by someone screaming over spotting a rat before she can say anything. David traps it and meets Sophie’s chauffer in the process — the same older man Alice saw her at the train station. He advises David to drown the rat while it’s trapped in the cage, or else it will just come back. David releases it anyway. “Next time.”

Losing Alice Episode 2 recap: What really happened to Hilik?

In the final moments of the episode, David shows Alice a shocking news article. Director Hilik has been discovered dead! Did Sophie kill him? Then we see another vision of Alice being placed in the back of an ambulance. She sits up and stares at Alice with an oxygen mask covering her face.

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