All American Season 3 Episode 2 Recap: How to Survive in South Central

All American -- "How to Survive in South Central" -- Image Number: ALA302fg_0011r.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Karimah Westbrook as Grace and Daniel Ezra as Spencer -- Photo: The CW -- © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved
All American -- "How to Survive in South Central" -- Image Number: ALA302fg_0011r.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Karimah Westbrook as Grace and Daniel Ezra as Spencer -- Photo: The CW -- © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved /

In the season premiere of All American, Spencer finally told Billy about his arm. Will he be able to play football this season? Also, what did happen between Spencer and Olivia this summer? All American Season 3 Episode 2 begins with Layla with Spencer at Spencer’s house talking about going to the first day of school and having to spend the year apart from each other.

Spencer is walking into his first day back at South Crenshaw. For the most part, the school welcomes him back with open arms. In contrast, some are less than enthusiastic and are resentful toward him. In Beverly, Olivia and Asher are walking through the school. Layla introduces her to the new coach’s daughter, and Olivia seems to know her.

All American Season 3 Episode 2 recap: Who is the next Beverly Head Coach?

It turns out the coach is her mom, and JJ seems to have the hots for her. Asher goes in to see Coach. He explains his steroid story to her, saying that he still isn’t allowed to play. He isn’t even allowed to practice with the team. After the boys find out that their positions might be changing, will Jordan still be the starting QB?

Coop goes to see Preach. Preach thinks that Coop got him out of prison, but she tells him that it was Mo. He is surprised to find this out and says he will take care of it.

In Crenshaw, Billy is having his first team meeting. Only he realizes half of the team is missing. When the GPA requirements changed, half of the team transferred so they can play. When one team member runs his mouth, the rest of the team runs sprints.

Kia and Spencer are walking around after practice. He is saying the team is having a hard time coming together. Spencer wants Chris to talk to the rest of the team. Chris wants Spencer to talk to Billy about his spot.

An excited Coop is ready to open her check from the summer tour. Patience videotapes her reaction. From Coop’s response, the check is not what she thought it would be. Is Patience right about JP?

In Beverly, Asher runs into the coach’s daughter, Vanessa. They know each other, which could be how Olivia knows her.

While Spencer and his mom are at the doctor’s, she confronts him about Layla and how Spencer had snuck her in. Then, she tells Spencer to invite her over for dinner.

At the doctor, Spencer found out that there is nothing physically wrong with his shoulder. The doctor asks if he is under any mental stress. He clearly is but doesn’t want to admit it.

Back at practice, Billy is asking the team to clean up and maintain the field. Spencer then lets out that Principal Carter has taken the money away from the team. The students will need to pay to play this year.

Billy approaches Carter and Carter tells him to get creative.

All American Season 3 Episode 2 recap: How does Asher know Vanessa?

In Beverly, Asher is working out when Vanessa comes into the gym. Asher thought he would never see her again. Apparently, they met on a beach in Mexico. Vanessa mentions Olivia and says that she won’t tell her anything.

Coop confronts Layla about her paycheck. Layla tries to explain, but Coop doesn’t want to hear it. Coop then says to ask her father about Patience.

Jordan is home telling his mom and dad about Montez and the QB spot. They reassure him that he can do it.

In the Crenshaw Cafe, Preach goes to see Mo. Preach thinks that she wants something. Mo tries to say that after she learned what her brother did, she no longer wanted revenge.

At Spencer’s house, Spencer is telling Grace about all of the pressure he is feeling at school. Grace tells him that he isn’t alone. They start talking about the Crenshaw QB spot and if it should be Darnell or Chris. Darnell overhears Spencer talking about Chris and gets hurt.

All American Season 3 Episode 2 recap
All American Season 3 Episode 2 — “How to Survive in South Central” — Image Number: ALA302fg_0013r.jpg — Pictured: Daniel Ezra as Spencer — Photo: The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved /

Asher is talking to Olivia about the team. Olivia then asks about Vanessa. Asher denies really knowing her.

Layla goes to see Patience to ask about her father. Patience says she signed an NDA. Layla gets it out of her anyway. It sounds like he took one of her songs and gave it to another artist.

In Beverly, JJ and Jordan are going head to head for QB1.

In Crenshaw, Billy is facing the same problem. Spencer goes to see him, and Billy asks for his advice. Spencer says to lead with his heart and also choose someone to start QB. Billy throws it back at Spencer and asks who he wants.

This can’t be comfortable for Spencer.

Billy gets out on the field and starts leading with his heart. Hopefully, his efforts get the team back together.

Layla figures out what happened and knows that her father took the song from Patience. Layla also asks Spencer how to talk to Coop about the entire situation.

All American Season 3 Episode 2 recap: Who will be QB1?

In Beverly, Jordan finds out that he is QB1.

In Crenshaw, Billy announces the same. Chris is starting game 1. Spencer tries to talk to Darnell, but he doesn’t listen. Spencer then tells Chris that he told Billy to start Darnell. Well, now things are bad between all three of them.

Layla struts straight into the Crenshaw Cafe and shoots straight with Coop and Patience. Coop trusts Layla again, and Layla asks Patience to sign with her.

Preach walks in and tells Coop to back of Mo. Will Coop listen?

Layla and Olivia are having coffee. Layla brings up being weird around Spencer. Olivia finally comes clean about what happened over the summer.

Olivia flew to Mexico to surprise Asher. Only she came upon Asher and Vanessa.

Spencer confronts Billy about his choice in QB1. They have a heart to heart about it while they line the field. They didn’t think the rest of the team would show, but they do.

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Now that the teams are set. Who will come out on top? 

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