Losing Alice Episode 3 recap: Sophie & Alice deepen their bond

Episode 3. Ayelet Zurer and Lihi Kornowski in “Losing Alice,” premiering globally on Apple TV+ on January 22.
Episode 3. Ayelet Zurer and Lihi Kornowski in “Losing Alice,” premiering globally on Apple TV+ on January 22. /

In Losing Alice Episode 3, “The Bond,” Alice starts working on Room 209, which means meeting with the film’s all-male crew. They immediately butt heads because Alice isn’t thrilled with the hotel they’ve scouted for location. She has a much different, more secluded, surreal spot in mind. Alice is picturing the same hotel we’ve seen fragments of throughout the first three episodes.

The problem is that the crew has already made a deal with the other hotel, which is more of a traditional, luxury venue. Alice insists they scout the other location anyway, and if it doesn’t work out, so be it. After her meeting, Alice is accosted on her out via the parking garage by a random old woman who spits in her face and yells at her for “working with the devil.” It’s weird and not mentioned again during the episode.

Alice’s day doesn’t get much better afterward as she heads to Sophie’s to discuss the script. When she arrives, Sophie is in a heated argument with the mysterious older man that’s been hanging around her for the past two episodes.

Eventually, he leaves, but Sophie’s mood remains dark and bitter. She takes her anger out on Alice during their discussion. Alice suggests making the lead character more compassionate, but Sophie is adamant that she won’t change a single word of her script.

Feeling uncomfortable, Alice tries to leave, convincing Sophie to have a change of heart. Realizing she’s been taking her frustration out on Alice, Sophie immediately changes back to the normal, bubbly, effusive persona we’ve seen thus far. To make up for her bad attitude, she invites Alice to come to a Gaga dance class with her.

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Losing Alice Episode 3 recap: Alice and Sophie bond during a dance class and a night swim.

The dance class goes great for Alice and Sophie. It quickly turns sensual as the two women explore their bodies and subsequent movements, gyrating and letting loose in the crowded studio.

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Meanwhile, across town, David is rewatching his film again in a theater. The bad review has obviously rattled his self-confidence. And at home, he’s frustrated when Alice doesn’t come home at the time she said she would. When he calls her, she can’t give him a definite answer as to when she’ll be back, so he’s left to take care of the girls with his mother’s help.

Sophie and Alice’s bonding adventure doesn’t end with Gaga, either. They get dinner together after near a marina, enjoying fish and chips while chatting. Then Sophie notices her friend, Dalit, nearby and invites Alice to join her on Dalit’s yacht. The three women board the boat and glide out into the water as night falls.

The entire boat scene is dripping in suspense and tension. Initially, it looks like Alice is jealous of the connection Sophie shares with Dalit as she drapes herself all over the older women. Then Sophie strips down and goes skinny dipping in the water, inviting Alice to join her. After some persuasion from Dalit and several shots of alcohol, Alice jumps in with her.

Drunk, Alice drives home and gets stopped by a random checkpoint. She gets her license suspended and is forced to call Sophie to drive her home. But Alice isn’t as worried about her trouble with the law as one might expect. She doesn’t seem to mind having more of an opportunity to spend with the young screenwriter.

They start talking about Tamir, who Alice called to help get her out of a sticky situation. Sophie has detected the sexual tension between them and assumes they’ve fooled around before. Alice being married doesn’t phase her. Alice finally admits that no, they haven’t had an affair, but they like to entertain the possibility. It’s one of those fantasies married people have, she explains.

Losing Alice Episode 3
Lihi Kornowski and Gal Toren in Losing Alice Episode 3 – Courtesy of Apple TV Plus /

Losing Alice Episode 3 recap: David briefly succumbs to Sophie’s flirtations.

Once they finally get back to Alice’s house and Alice stumbles into bed with David, she’s dismayed to find her husband irritated with her. He doesn’t even want to sleep in the same bed with her at the moment, but he doesn’t have much choice because Sophie is crashing on the couch. Instead, he starts letting Alice deal with his many insecurities. He suggests that if he weren’t already attached to the project, Alice never would have cast him. Alice says that’s not true. She thinks he’s a great actor and she loves him.

Eventually, they fall into a relatively uneasy slumber while Sophie is left up to her own devices. She explores the house, poking around through Alice’s office, reading her work-in-progress screenplay, and attempting to flirt with Tamir through the half-open blinds the way Alice has done in the past. Then she slinks into the master bedroom and stands at the end of David and Alice’s bed, all creepy-like.

David wakes up and notices her there. Sophie tells him she’s cold. He gets her a blanket and sits next to her on the couch for a while. Sophie asks David if the rumors about him dropping out of her film are true, and David doesn’t deny it. He says he’s not sure whether he will or not. “Decide you will,” Sophie demands, sticking her foot in his face, sliding her toe along his lips. It’s a strange seduction tactic but appears to work since David starts fiendishly sucking on her big toe.

It’s not really clear if anything else happens between them because then it cuts back to David lying in bed, staring up at the ceiling, unable to sleep. Did he and Sophie sleep together?

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