Disenchantment Part 3 premiere: Subterranean Homesick Blues

Disenchantment - Credit: Netflix
Disenchantment - Credit: Netflix /

The part 3 premiere of Disenchantment begins with Princess Bean (Abbi Jacobson), Elfo (Nat Faxon), and Luci (Eric Andre) meeting an underground colony of creatures called Trøgs, as well as Bean’s mom, the perpetually sketchy Queen Dagmar (Sharon Horgan). Of course, this is a bit of a surprise, as Bean (and practically everyone else) assumed Dagmar was dead.

Although Dagmar claims Bean is free to leave anytime she wants, she also points out they’ll kill Bean if she shows her face in the Kingdom. That’s what can happen if you’re seen attempting to assassinate a King — in this case her own father, King Zøg (John DiMaggio).

Disenchantment:  Prince Derek’s reign of terror!

It’s also clear that, yes, Bonnie Prince Derek (Tress MacNeille) is still the current acting King. He is being manipulated by the shifty Odval (Maurice LaMarche) and the Arch Druidess (MacNeille), who wish to finish off King Zøg and use the Kingdom to serve their own power-hungry agenda. Meanwhile, Pendergast (Andre) is left to guard a recuperating, and he reminisces about Zøg being a warrior — even downplaying that the King is responsible for Pendergast needing an eyepatch (a tragic spoon injury).

Trøg town is no Dreamland, but it’ll do for now

This episode of Disenchantment also introduces us to a Trøg (Lauren Tom) named Trixy who immediately initiates a sexually charged friendship with Elfo. After a cute wordplay joke about the underground Cave Inn’s cave-ins, Bean follows Dagmar while the others sleep. Although Bean still doesn’t trust her mother, things are looking marginally worse in Dreamland as Odval coaches King Derek into issuing iffy edicts. Basically, they end up transforming Dreamland into an increasingly dystopian theocracy (though none of this means King Zøg’s reign was paradise on Earth).

Some of Derek’s legal proclamations include no more immorality, alcohol, or gambling, unlicensed vending, unlawful cohabitation, or comedy. After these scenes of Derek-as-tyrant, the moments of Trixy’s mine tour are almost a breath of fresh air. That’s not to say there are no underground perils, of course, especially after some special mushroom “Trøg logs” accidentally get them all high from spores.


As Dagmar and Bean visit Trøg town’s underground reflecting pond, Dagmar attempts to explain her previous behavior (which might have been classified as “evil”). Dagmar claims Cloyd (Rich Fulcher) and Becky the Enchantress (Lucy Montgomery) convinced her that her husband — King Zøg — was evil. Again, it’s not like Zøg was always particularly good, but he apparently wasn’t as bad as they suggested (if we can take Dagmar at her word about any of this).

Soon after that conversation, Elfo is sent on a mission to message Zøg, which he does through an elaborate network of access tunnels and a rope system. He barely manages to tell the King that Princess Bean is actually still alive. It’s a big sigh of relief for Zøg, who believed she (and her 2 pals) were burned at the stake, making him previously semi-suicidal. Wishing to uncover more details independently, Zøg uses Pendergast to fake his death, even getting fitted for a coffin.

Rebellion brewing in Dreamland?

Disenchantment often sees characters living up to the show’s name. In this case, we see early signs of citizens’ growing disenchantment with King Derek and his creepy advisors. Merkimer the Pig Prince (Matt Berry) obviously finds Derek’s edicts too strict. In fact, even Derek finally goes “off-scroll”, rejecting all the “religious stuff” (puritanism) of Odval. Still, it seems plenty of damage has been done, and like Derek might have a rebellion on his hands.

Dagmar’s brain food

Ready for an unexpected gross-out moments? This episode’s got a few. Not only do we see Pendergast’s severed head at the end of a stick, but Bean catches Dagmar eating a Trøg brain! Regarding Pendergast’s decapitated head: It is seen by King Zøg on his way to be buried by the Druidess in the pauper’s graveyard, as quite a dark little omen. Then again, one might wonder what kind of a plan Zøg was even going for, setting himself up to possibly be buried alive.

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