Amazon Prime’s The Feed Season 1 finale recap

The Feed stars Nina Toussaint-White and Guy Burnet (Photo by Thomas Niedermueller/Getty Images for ZFF)
The Feed stars Nina Toussaint-White and Guy Burnet (Photo by Thomas Niedermueller/Getty Images for ZFF) /

The Feed Season 1 Finale starts with Tom Hatfield (Guy Burnet) looking for his brother, Ben (Jeremy Neumark Jones), in the aftermath of a bloody showdown between Kate Hatfield (Nina Toussaint-White) and Martha (Carlyss Peer), whose body was possessed by a “Taker.” Tom calls the police through The Feed network, and he suspects Ben went willingly with Martha, though he doesn’t fully understand why. Kate is injured, and she and Tom are both concerned about their baby, Bea.

Ben might have made a terrible choice, but it’s an opportunity to ask Martha questions. He asks her “How much of Tom is Tom,” after learning that his and Tom’s father, Lawrence (David Thewlis), had experimented on Tom during his biological development. He also asks her who she really is, and she says her real name is Michaela Green, that she was only 27 before she had died and, in her previous life (before stealing Martha’s body), she had a little girl named Ellie.

The Feed Season 1 finale recap: The Feed gets pulled over

Before the two baby-snatchers can get far, a cop car pulls Ben and Martha over. Improvising to explain Martha’s bleeding forehead, Ben lies and says Tom has “the thing” (Taker-possession) and was attacking them, so they fled in the vehicle to seek safety. Rather than take any chances, though, Martha stabs a police officer (John Omole). Martha then suggests to a panicked Ben that, in so many words, he now has to listen to her directions, as his life is even further ruined now.

She offers him a way out of trouble through Tom’s mundles (The Feed’s memory bundles). Tom himself is panicked for obvious reasons, believing Kate to be gravely injured. Unfortunately, their car is low on juice, so they stop to recharge their vehicle at a station. Unfortunately, they encounter a paranoid man named Alec (Michael Higgs) who’s concerned that Tom and/or Kate are Takers. The camera pans to reveal another body at the station, further demonstrating Alec as a possible threat.

The Feed Season 1 finale recap: Panic! at the station/The hedge maze

Alec reveals that his son was possessed by a Taker and attacked him. Paranoid, Alec knocks Tom out, though Tom awakens before long and convinces Alec he’s not a Taker. Kate finally gets to the hospital for emergency surgery, but Ben contacts Tom and says he’s with the imposter Martha and baby Bea.

Tom rushes over to meet with Ben in the bunker beneath Lawrence’s hedge maze (which we learned about in the last episode). It’s not a happy scene, as Martha/Michaela demands Tom gets in a chair linked to The Feed. As leverage, she threatens to hurt Bea. Knowing what’s at stake, Tom offers to somehow give her Ellie if she’ll let Bea go, adding that he’ll have nothing left to lose if she doesn’t listen.

Fortunately, Michaela seems too weak to put up a fight, either way, thanks to her head injury. Unfortunately, that’s not the end of Tom’s troubles. When confronted about his terrible behavior, Ben whines that Tom has everything because Tom has a family and he doesn’t. He also beats Tom with some object after he refuses to get in the aforementioned chair.

The Feed Season 1 finale recap: The chair

Although we don’t know 100% what this chair is capable of, we know it has some strong links to The Feed. However, Ben’s plan hits a speedbump when Tom actually causes The Feed to crash, apparently globally. In fact, electricity seems to be lost across the planet. It does not kill or incapacitate Tom, who starts choking Ben with the first chance he gets. Fortunately for Ben, the presence of baby Bea snaps Tom out of his understandable yet murderous rage.

The crashed Feed causes chaos, but that’s not the main thing on Tom’s mind. He ignores Ben and drives off with Bea to see if Katee is okay. Of course, we see Ben pathetically plead with Tom for some sort of forgiveness, but Tom quite reasonably drives off, leaving him with his broken thoughts.

The Feed Season 1 finale recap: Other developments with The Feed

Obviously, other things happen within the season finale, before and shortly after Tom crashes The Feed. President Quan (Art Malik) and his sister, Sen (Shereen Martin), meet with Meredith Hatfield (Michelle Fairley) regarding the technological future of their country (what its name is). However, Sen flips the script and has her brother shot dead! Sen quickly appoints Meredith to a position in her newly established coup government (and why might that seem oddly relevant nowadays?).

Meanwhile, back at The Feed’s twisted prison, Evelyn Kern (Clare-Hope Ashitey) surveys her company’s carnage against Takers inside of cages. In the process, we see Danny (Shaquille Ali-Yebuah) still alive, even if not well, after witnessing the murders of Cass (Ursula Holliday) and so many others. Seemingly outraged, Evelyn threatens to ruin Amanda Javad (Sheila Atim), who she believes responsible for the slaughter. Moments later, Evelyn deletes The Feed profile of Stephanie Martinello.

Who is Stephanie Martinello? She was the love of Taker Max (Osy Ikhile). After interrogating the fake Max as a captive in the bathtub, Evelyn learns Stephanie was contained in a mini-drive, but she already discovered his real name is Darian Charles. Evelyn asks how she can delete SAVEYOU, threatening to destroy the device (and Stephanie) unless he tells the truth. Evelyn brings this information back to The Feed corporation, revealing how the company can fight the “SAVEYOU virus.” Evelyn probably only destroyed Stephanie after “Darian Charles” revealed that Max cannot be brought back.

The Feed Season 1 finale recap: War against SAVEYOU / The Feed unplugged?

Evelyn has found a strategy for stemming the tide of a Taker invasion by creating a buffer overflow to trick SAVEYOU and, while the program is momentarily distracted, deleting as many profiles as one can (such as what Evelyn did with Stephanie Martinello).

As Evelyn scrambles for better solutions, Danny tries to cope with the trauma he just saw, reuniting with Marcus (Toheeb Jimoh) and Jonah (Laurie Kynaston). Danny reveals that his Feed has been deactivated, but he doesn’t tell them about Cass’s death.

Speaking of Danny, his mother, Charlie (T’Nia Miller), has some sort of mental spasm, prompting Danny’s youthful entourage to suspect she too is a Taker. Things get even weirder after she accuses Danny of being a coward for hiding as The Feed corporation slaughtered prisoners (obviously, Danny was low on options, so hiding might have been his main chance at survival).

Anyway, that basically wraps up the recap of this season’s finale (which, admittedly, premiered quite a while ago).  Will there be a season 2 of the series?  There doesn’t appear to be a definite answer yet but the show’s creator suggests they have enough creative juice left for additional seasons.

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