WandaVision Season 1, Episode 6 recap: We can’t take this suspense!

Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff in Marvel Studios’ WANDAVISION. Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios. ©Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved.
Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff in Marvel Studios’ WANDAVISION. Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios. ©Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved. /

In WandaVision Episode 6, “All-New Halloween Spooktacular!”, Vision gets closer to the truth, Wanda reveals details about Westview, and Director Hayward is dealt a crushing blow.

The Disney Plus show moves into the 90s, with all the quirks and aesthetics of that decade but the setting relies heavily on the Halloween theme. Which also gives us some of the best costumes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Fans are used to the polished, clean lines of the MCU super-suits, but the ones we see in WandaVision Episode 6, as homemade as they look, are comic-accurate and delightful. Can we have more of the Avengers in their OG comics suits?

Fun costumes aside, every episode of this show has been tinged with mystery, but this instalment is arguably the most suspenseful so far. Expect viewers to be at the edge of their seats because this one’s a doozy.

WandaVision Episode 6 – Not Your Average Family

(L-R): Paul Bettany as Vision, Even Peters as Pietro and Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff, in Marvel Studios’ WANDAVISION episode 6. Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios. ©Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved.
(L-R): Paul Bettany as Vision, Even Peters as Pietro and Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff, in Marvel Studios’ WANDAVISION. Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios. ©Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved. /

The 90s-inspired credits make it look like the Maximoff family are a happy-go-lucky family, but looks can be deceiving. Pietro is credited as playing ‘Himself’, but we all know that this is not the MCU Pietro. WandaVision Episode 6 is trying to convince us otherwise, but we aren’t falling for it.

Whoever this Pietro may be, he certainly gets along well with Tommy (Jett Klyne) and Billy (Julian Hilliard). They’re enamoured of their man-child of an uncle and the three of them happily play videogames together and tease Wanda and Vision.

But Pietro takes it a bit far. Wanda and Vision have got into the Halloween spirit and worn silly costumes, which Pietro makes fun off. Wanda doesn’t take it well. Does she seem suspicious of her ‘brother’?

Vision, on the other hand, has to take Pietro’s ribbing in stride. His outfit was literally the only thing Wanda had left for him in the closet. That unresolved argument from the previous episode isn’t going anywhere.

Vision does perk up almost immediately after, perhaps to remain in Wanda’s good graces? Especially since he announces that he will not be joining Wanda and Pietro to take the kids trick or treating. Vision has volunteered for neighbourhood watch.

Wanda’s not happy about it but this neighbourhood isn’t going to watch itself, so she lets Vision go.

WandaVision Episode 6 – Pietro Tricks, Doesn’t Treat

As the Maximoff family—minus Vision—walk around Westview gathering treats in WandaVision Episode 6, Wanda and Pietro get some time to chat. Wanda keeps trying to test Pietro about their past, but Pietro dodges it.

Unlike the rest of the Westview residents, or Vision, Pietro seems to have more awareness about his life before Westview. He remembers being killed in Sokovia and that he ‘heard’ Wanda calling him back, which was how he landed up in Westview.

But Wanda doesn’t quite believe him—and neither do we. He’s short on details and generally rather vague in his responses. His explanation for why he looks different is that Wanda didn’t want to be reminded of her dead brother. Then why would Vision look like himself?

What could the deal be with Pietro? He doesn’t seem to have all the memories of Wanda’s Pietro, but aside from his face and accent, he doesn’t share many similarities with the Quicksilver of the X-Men universe either. His speedster abilities look like a combination of both characters though.

Could he be a plant in Westview? He does ask Wanda a lot of questions about how she made Westview happen—not that she knows. Wanda felt alone and lost in darkness and then suddenly had the power to control everyone in Westview. Pietro doesn’t look satisfied with the answer.

If Pietro was sent to Westview to interrogate Wanda or to bring her out of her reverie, who sent him? Is he a danger to the Maximoffs?

WandaVision Episode 6 – The NPCs

Pietro really lives up to his man-child moniker. And he takes young Tommy and Billy with him. Pietro uses his superspeed to help the kids steal everyone’s candy and make a nuisance of themselves. What a menace. One gets the feeling that MCU-Pietro wouldn’t behave anything like this.

While Wanda doesn’t stop them, she does seem mortified about it. Enough to distract her friend Herb, who is also on neighbourhood watch. Which is how she finds out that Vision is not on watch that night. So, where is Vision going?

Vision has made it quite clear that he no longer trusts Wanda and he proves it in WandaVision Episode 6. Not only does he lie to Wanda about his whereabouts, he goes further in Westview than he ever has before. And he sees a different side of the quaint town.

The further Vision goes, the less movement he sees. There are people, they’re just not able to move much. Some of the NPCs—non-playable characters—closer to the town centre repeat motions, but further out, they’re completely still.

But these people are very real. Vision sees tears trickling down one NPC’s face. They’re in pain, just like Norm was, but unable to do anything about it. Perhaps, as powerful as Wanda is, she can’t really control a thousand people at the same time?

WandaVision Episode 6 – Ellis Avenue

We saw in the previous episode that Tommy and Billy could evolve at will, so it isn’t surprising when Tommy develops superspeed in WandaVision Episode 6. Walking around in an almost comics-accurate suit, Tommy embodies his Speed persona with ease.

Billy, on the other hand, doesn’t immediately develop his abilities, though he does wear version of his future Wiccan costume.

As Tommy speeds around with his brother, Wanda gives them the usual spiel about being careful, but mainly that they should stay away from Ellis Avenue. What’s there?

Vision’s walk through Westview leads him to an area where nobody is moving or acknowledging him, so he transforms back to his original self and flies up to view the city. He finds a car stuck at a signal—with Agnes within.

She’s practically catatonic until Vision breaks her out of it. Agnes is relieved, thinking Vision has come to save them as part of the Avengers. But Vision remembers nothing of his life before Westview and he doesn’t know who the Avengers are.

Agnes does tell Vision that Wanda won’t let them even think about leaving Westview, but that information is completely undone by the fact that she reminds him that he’s dead. Vision puts Agnes back into her Westview state, but the chat gives him the impetus to go further on. Past Ellis Avenue.

WandaVision Episode 6 – Dissidence

(L-R): Kat Dennings as Darcy Lewis and Randall Park as Jimmy Woo in Marvel Studios’ WANDAVISION episode 6. Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios. ©Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved.
(L-R): Kat Dennings as Darcy Lewis and Randall Park as Jimmy Woo in Marvel Studios’ WANDAVISION. Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios. ©Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved. /

Beyond Wanda’s Westview barrier, S.W.O.R.D. is having problems of its own in WandaVision Episode 6. Monica, Darcy, and Jimmy stand up to Hayward. He wants to kill Wanda, they believe killing her will make things worse. Hayward is obviously a man who’s used to getting his way so he throws the three of them out.

But that’s not going to stop the intrepid trio. They fight back and start digging into files, and especially Hayward. Unfortunately, that means they miss some key conversations between Pietro and Wanda, but one thing at a time.

Monica wants to go back into Westview, and she’s got top connections who can help. Darcy thinks it’s a bad idea. Monica’s been through the barrier twice and it’s changing her on a molecular level. But it’s a risk Monica is willing to take if she can put an end to all this.

The team make the unwise decision to split up—in a Halloween episode? While Monica and Jimmy go to rendezvous with her government contact, Darcy stays behind to do more digging into Hayward. Turns out Hayward is tracking Vision, but there’s something bigger hidden here.

Unfortunately, we don’t learn what that is because something comes through the barrier.

WandaVision Episode 6 – The Hex Barrier

Turns out the reason why Wanda wanted her children to stay away from Ellis Avenue was because it leads to the barrier. And that’s exactly where Vision finds himself in WandaVision Episode 6. He goes through.

It takes a monumental effort for Vision to break through to the other side but the moment he does, his body starts breaking apart. The S.W.O.R.D. team do nothing to help him, but Darcy won’t stand by. She tries to run to Vision, only to be stopped by Hayward’s men and she’s handcuffed to a car. Hayward is the worst.

Inside Westview, Billy’s powers ignite at the sound of his father’s agony. He informs Wanda about Vision and she immediately acts—by increasing the perimeter of the barrier.

While Vision is saved, the S.W.O.R.D. agents race to safety, but Wanda is faster. In seconds, Wanda’s enemies are turned into clowns—the irony is lost on no one—until barely anyone is left. Darcy, still tied to a car, is abandoned at the barrier, but Hayward manages to escape.

What will happen to the new entrants to Westview? How is Vision going to react to what he has learned at Ellis Avenue? Who is this Pietro really? So many questions wait to be answered next week.

Final Thoughts – WandaVision Episode 6 is Thrilling and Emotional

Every week, we can’t help but wonder how WandaVision will top the events of the previous episode and every week we are left floored by the narrative and character development.

WandaVision Episode 6 ups the suspense and intrigue in ways we couldn’t have imagined and it leaves us on a breath-taking cliffhanger.

The aesthetics of this episode were incredibly fun—the costumes, the colours, and the creepy hell-Spider-Man suit all added to how sinister the story is becoming.

There were tons of Easter eggs in the episode, including the meta-ad, which was confusing but also spoke to Wanda’s inability to control death. There’s a Kickass reference that’s unmissable—both Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Evan Peters starred in the film.

We have no idea where the next episode will take us but fans will be eager for next Friday to get all those answers.

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