All American Season 3, Episode 5 recap: How Come

All American -- "How Come" -- Image Number: ALA305e_0104r2.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Bre - Z as Coop and Daniel Ezra as Spencer -- Photo: Erik Voake/The CW -- © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved
All American -- "How Come" -- Image Number: ALA305e_0104r2.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Bre - Z as Coop and Daniel Ezra as Spencer -- Photo: Erik Voake/The CW -- © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved /

In the previous episode of All American, we found out that Spencer blames Coop for his disconnect with his shoulder. Will he tell her how he feels?

We start at Beverly High School. Jordan is sacked pretty hard within the first few seconds of the game. Will he be able to recover? He is helped off of the field by coach Montes.

Over in Crenshaw, it looks like they have lost their second game in a row. Coach Baker is giving the team a speech on how their work is sloppy. The Crenshaw guys need to get it together.

Meanwhile, in Beverly, Jordan is put into concussion protocol and isn’t able to finish the game. With Jordan down, Asher comes up with a play to help Beverly win. Asher’s play works and Beverly wins.

All American Season 3, Episode 5 recap: What will happen with Coop?

Coop is with Patience at the cafe. Coop is saying that she still doesn’t buy what Mo is selling. Patience is trying to convince her that Mo is trying to make a difference.

Patience and Coop move on to Layla and JP when Mo hops in and says that she has experience with music contracts. Coop immediately shuts her down.

Olivia is walking around and runs into a sobriety sister named Amber. They talk about their sponsor and how she let Olivia down. Amber confronts her about not sharing at meetings and lends an ear, but Olivia doesn’t take it.

In Crenshaw, Chris is trying to up his QB game with Billy. Billy talks to Chris about his injury and the fear of getting hit again.

Spencer sits down with his therapist and shows him what he wrote about Coop being his stop point. The therapist says that this sounds about right and tells Spencer that he needs to be honest with Coop.

Spencer is talking to Layla on the phone. JP still hasn’t talked to her directly. Spencer is telling Layla to talk to him head-on and Layla shoots Spencer the same advice.

At the Baker house, Mrs. Baker is making a big breakfast for Olivia’s 18 months of sobriety. Olivia diminishes her accomplishment and Mrs. Baker is thrown off.

Spencer sees Coop in the hallway but can’t go up to her. Billy runs up to Spencer and asks him if Chris has spoken to him about practice. Billy asks Spencer to talk to him and puts some unintentional pressure on him to talk to Coop, as well.

Spencer goes up to Chris at the Cafe and tells him straight up that he could be replaced if he doesn’t talk. Chris finally tells Spencer that he blames him for his injury. Sounds like the same issue Spencer has with Coop.

All American
All American — “How Come” — Image Number: ALA305a_0173r.jpg — Pictured (L-R) Spence Moore II as Chris and Taye Diggs as Billy — Photo: Michael Yarish/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved /

Spencer is talking to his mother about how Chris blames him for his injury. She tells him that she is proud of him for listening to Chris and tells him to make it right.

Billy is in his office when Laura calls. She thinks Olivia is using because she blew off her 18-month sobriety breakfast.

Laura searched Olivia’s room and took her hairbrush and wants to run a tox screen on her hair. Billy tells her not to do anything with it because he wants to keep her trust.

Spencer walks into Billy’s office and says that he talked to Chris and says not to bench him. Instead, he tells Billy to put more guys on the offensive line to help protect him

Asher and Olivia are studying in the Baker house. Jordan is talking about how he is frustrated that he isn’t playing. Asher tries to tell him that he is feeling the same thing, but Jordan doesn’t want to hear it.

In Crenshaw, Layla is trying to convince Patience to speak out against JP, but she doesn’t want to. Layla and Spencer go off on their date and it looks like Patience may ask Mo for help after all.

Billy and Jordan are hanging out at his office. Billy’s friend is trying to convince Jordan to follow up on the concussion protocol, but they mention an anti-nausea med and this seems to pique Jordan’s interest in a way they didn’t intend.

Patience walks up to Mo and starts asking some tough questions. Mo assures her that she has the best interest of Crenshaw at heart and this is enough for Patience.

In Beverly, Olivia and Billy get breakfast. She is immediately onto him. But she places blame on the family and promises him that she is fine.

Jordan is back at practice going through his concussion protocol workout. Afterward, Asher confronts him and Jordan apologizes for dismissing him at the house.

Coach Montes comes in and tells them both that they are both going to play in the game.

Olivia is at her house and Amber stops by to talk. Olivia is on her way out of the house, but Amber asks if she is using. Olivia tells her to leave, but Amber presses a little bit more. Olivia confesses that she drinks sometimes. Amber warns her that drinking is a slippery slope.

In Crenshaw, Chris is mad that he has more coverage, but the team reassures him that they have his back.

All American Season 3, Episode 5 recap: Can Crenshaw get out of their 2 game slump?

During the game, Crenshaw is not doing very well. They are down by 10 and keep getting shut down.

Coop runs into Patience, and she tells her that she has been released from the contract. She also says that Mo helped her and Coop is angry. Patience puts her back in her place.

Mid-game, Spencer is down and it looks like his shoulder is hurting. They need a first down, Chris knows that Spencer is hurting and takes a hit to prove he is ready.

Just like that Spencer and Chris are back in action.

Olivia is home and picked up dinner for her and her mother. Laura confesses that she had her hair tested. Olivia tells her mom to open the results. Laura sees nothing on the results.

The problem being, she didn’t have the hair tested for alcohol and Olivia doesn’t tell her.

Olivia is about to dump the bottle of alcohol out into the drain but Jordan kicks her out of the bathroom because he is about to get sick. His concussion isn’t healed yet and this could be dangerous.

Spencer is at home after the game and Coop comes over. She asks if they are good and Spencer says yes, but will he tell her?

Coop starts to tell Spencer about Patience. But, Spencer doesn’t react the way she wants. He finally tells her that his shoulder is her fault. Coop is having a hard time listening.

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